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It is a great way to give back to the community. Here are some pictures from two years ago that show how enjoyable Colby Cares Day really is:


Site Descriptions from 2012:

  • Alfond Youth Center – Camp Tracey: help with general trail and facility clean-up
  • Hart-to-Hart Farm: fence building, yard work, gardening,clear brush ~ Hockey Team
  • Barrels Community Market: organize shelves, store activities
  • Quarry Road – Best Buddies: board games, puzzles
  • Waterville Public Library: outdoor work doing gardening as well as indoor work organizing and sorting books/shelves
  • Children’s Center Augusta: raking, cleaning up brush, and other yard work ~ SPB
  • Goodwill Hinkley/LC Bates: outdoor projects, mostly grounds work (raking, sweeping, etc…)
  • Maine Children’s Home: yard work (rake, sweep) outside and wash windows inside Development
  • Sunset Home: raking and sweeping in parking lot
  • United Way of Mid-Maine: dodgeball tournament, including sales of shirts and food, court assistants, and clean up
  • Hospice program: yard work
  • Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter: helping out and hanging out with residents
  • Hardy Girls Healthy Women: office work, clean up, mailings, etc.
  • Humane Society (Senior Site): spring cleanup
  • South End Association: bike repair and site cleanup
  • Kennebec Historical Society: indoor work like entering information in database and outdoor work such as clearing trails and lifting objects
  • Inland Hospital: helping to clear trails and do spring clean up at the trailhead
  • Pendragon Farm Cornville, ME: clean up paddocks, fix fences, transport water, and paint jumps ~ Equestrian Team
  • Goodwill Waterville: indoor work such as organizing the store (sizing, color-coding, etc.) and outdoor work (cleaning the back alley) ~ Swim Team
  • Messolanskee Trails: trail work ~ COC
  • Northeast Dreamcenter Area Distribution Center: sort food and clothes
  • Salvation Army: sorting and organizing inventory
  • Waterville Histoical Society/Reddington Museum: indoor and outdoor cleaning ~ Soccer Teams