In 2011, I participated in the 2011 Alternative Spring Break trip to New York City with a group of 10 other students as a volunteer. We spent a week in New York City volunteering soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and food pantries and learned about homelessness and urban poverty. From this trip, I realized the prevalence of homelessness and hunger in our society, how many people are unaware of these issues, and how I want to spread awareness. I had such a life changing experience in the service trip that I decided I wanted to participate in the ASB trip again in 2012. However, this time I had the pleasure of leading the trip!

The ASB trip has once again facilitated my personal growth. Being a trip leader was an immensely different experience from being a volunteer. Just as the year before, my awareness and passion to spread awareness on the issues of poverty continued to grow. However, unlike last year, this year I was able to spread awareness. I was able to make the volunteers notice of aspects of poverty that many people overlook. The suggestion to interact with the people we served made the volunteers notice that many of them are actually no different from us, except for their luck. To have been part of the driving force that made a group of volunteers realize their privilege is extremely fulfilling. I hope our ASBers’ realizations on the issues of poverty continue to expand and that they gain a desire to take action on such issues; I know I will.

– Czarina Evangelista ’14 


Here are some pictures from their trip: