Saturday was the perfect day for volunteering: the sun was out and the cold was gone.  Colby Cares Day began early in the morning with volunteers for the United Way of Mid-Maine Dodgeball Tournament arriving to the Foss Dining Hall at 9:00am to pick up their lunches, CVC shirts, and Colby Cares Day buttons.  These lucky twelve volunteers had a great time, as they got to play dodgeball at the Kennebec Valley Community College!  Next, at 9:30am, volunteers for the South End started to arrive to help out at Mr. Roy’s Garage, boasting athletes from the football and cycling teams.

A big crowd then showed up at 10:00am for various sites, including AYC Camp Tracy, the Hart-to-Hart Farm, the Pendragon Farm, Kennebec Historical Society, Children’s Center, and the Humane Society.  Seniors at the Humane Society got to spend some quality time with the animals, playing with puppies and kittens.  Meanwhile, at the Pendragon Farm, the Equestrian Team got their hands dirty painting.  Finally, volunteers from the last few sites —Barrels, Hospice, Waterville Public Library, Goodwill, Goodwill Hinckley, Messalonskee Trails, Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, Redington Museum/Waterville Historical Society, Quarry Road, Dream Center, Sunset Home, Maine Children’s Home, Hardy Girls Healthy Women, Inland Hospital, and the Salvation Army—arrived.  It was so crowded that the line of students to check in almost made it out the door of Foss! Volunteers at the Hart-to-Hart, Children’s Center, Sunset Home, Hospice. Maine Children’s Home, Messalonskee Trails, Waterville Public Library, and Goodwill Hinckley were in charge of outdoor beautification, raking and gardening.  Barrels got to make their own lunches, which were apparently delicious.  At Quarry Road, the Best Buddies got to play bingo with the residents, winning a bunch of awesome prizes.


Colby Cares Day was a huge success with over 200 volunteers at 23 different sites.  We would just like to thank all of those who participated.  This event would not have been so successful without your involvement.  A special thanks to all of the teams, clubs, and faculty that were able to volunteer for Colby Cares Day.  We really appreciate it.  We hope the event is as successful next year!