Educare Language Mentors is finally up and running! We have four mentors each working in different classrooms for a few hours every week. Some mentors play games with the children and find ways to integrate Spanish vocabulary into their conversations. While another mentor has worked to transform their classroom into the perfect setting to foster bilingual growth. The kids have been very receptive, and love the presence of a new face in the classroom. One of the teachers had laid out a foundation for the use of both Spanish and English in the classroom with the translation of a classic children’s song, “What’s the Weather?” So far, the goal has not been to single out the children who’s family members speak another language, but it has been to make all of the children in the classroom comfortable with the presence and use of a new language. We look forward to watching the progress of the classrooms and the development of the childrens’ language skills.

We are still looking for a mentor who speaks Mandarin to help out in a classroom! If anyone is interested, please contact Caitlin Sperzel at