The South End Teen Center volunteer program got off to a great start this fall!

In October we partnered with the Colby-Waterville Alliance for our biannual “Kids on the Hill” event. A group of teens and two of the wonderful teen center staff drove up to Colby campus for an afternoon of fun and food. The teens divided up into teams and set off to complete a scavenger hunt that involved tasks such as making new friends in Pulver, finding a favorite piece of art in the museum, and finding a book on Colby history in Miller Library. At the end of the afternoon we all came back together to tally points and head over to Dana for some dinner. Endless pizza and ice cream was, as always, a huge hit!

As for what’s going on at the Teen Center itself, this fall we have excitedly welcomed two new volunteers, Jemarley McFarlane and Courtney Erskin, who have generously donated their time to help bring back a weekly boys group meeting. Each week, Courtney and Jemarley meet with a group of teens to talk about difficult topics that young men face in today’s society.

Another upcoming project is in the works with Colby’s Quilting Club. Following Thanksgiving, the teens will be working on a quilt with members of the Quilting Club. The teens will also be learning how to knit hats and scarves. The finished products will all be donated to help keep those in need warm during the winter months.