Birthday Wishes at Colby College at the Mid Maine Homeless Shelter has been off to a great start!  The new new shelter opened in September and since then, there have been many more children and birthdays to celebrate at our monthly parties!

We have many volunteers help us to
prepare for the parties, by making the cakes, wrapping gifts, and
coming with us to the shelter to help run the birthday parties. It is
really great to share this opportunity with other Colby students, and
for them to be involved with this organization and see the positive
effects of the simple joy of a birthday! This first semester we are
happy to have celebrated three very special children’s birthdays! Most
memorable was our September party for two sisters, very close in age,
who had lost their home and all of their possessions in a house fire
in late August.  This fire had happened one day before the eldest
sister’s birthday and two weeks before the younger child’s birthday.
Their dad, a single father, understandably found it very hard to
provide the elements of a birthday party for his girls. Birthday
Wishes was able to provide the birthday party that would have never
been able to happen in the wake of the fire.

Every child deserves a birthday, filled with games, cake, gifts and fun, no matter where they call home! And Birthday Wishes and its volunteers at Colby are happy to be able to provide birthday parties for those who call the Mid Maine Homeless Shelter home.