Five Colby students and I volunteered at the Unitarian Universalist Church’s Evening Sandwich Program in Waterville Friday from 2-5 PM. We made a variety of sandwiches and soup/casseroles and served well-balanced meals to locals to eat at home with their families. Along with soup and sandwiches, the locals have a selection of local organic vegetables, breads, fruits, milk and desserts to choose from every day to complement their meals.

In between sandwich making and serving meals, we relaxed drinking tea, chatting with Waterville volunteers Alice and Rich, and played with Buddy, their puppy! ESP is always the perfect mix of volunteering and interacting with Waterville residents, and relaxing and socializing at the end of a busy week. 

With food donations from Barrels Community Market, from local citizens of Waterville, and from local grocery stores, such as Hannaford’s, the Evening Sandwich Program is able to provide a healthy, balanced meal to those in need right here in Waterville. In doing so, the Evening Sandwich Program and all its volunteers are able to promote healthy eating, as well as local, sustainable and organic meals!