This semester, Hardy Girls Healthy Women volunteers have been working harder than ever to create the best possible experience for the girls in their groups. Once a week, co-leaders travel to an elementary or middle school and spend about an hour with a group of 4-10 girls discussing topics such as media literacy, girl fighting, family, and healthy dating relationships. As we approach the end of the semester, many groups are beginning social action projects. These projects focus on an issue inside or outside of the school that is important to the girls. They choose a creative way (making a video, writing a petition, or designing a brochure for example) to deliver a message about this issue to the school or larger group. Many volunteers went above and beyond the call of duty last Friday when they helped out at the annual Girls Unlimited Conference. This conference brings girls from the greater Waterville area to Colby’s Diamond building for the day where they participate in a variety of workshops and fun activities geared towards developing leadership skills, self confidence building, and girl empowerment. It is a great way for the girls to come together, learn more, and share what they know!