Hello Colby,

For the month of March, the Colby Volunteer Center will be running a penny race to support the Hope Fund. To make this fundraising a success, we’ve decided to make it into a friendly competition between the Administration and Faculty, the Humanities, Natural Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies and Social Sciences. Below is a brief description of the challenge:

The Pennies for Change Challenge will raise money for the Hope Fund, which is overseen by the Poverty Action Coalition. The Poverty Action Coalition is a group of individuals and organizations who came together to address the barriers people face as they try to move out of poverty. The Hope Fund is intended to help Waterville residents overcome barriers to financial stability. Examples of this include helping with car repairs so people can maintain their jobs, building wheelchair ramps, or providing professional clothing for a job interview. With your help (and pennies!) we can help people who are working hard to move out of poverty further along their path.

The challenge will run March 2 – March 31, and updates will be posted once a week on the General Announcements, keeping track of who is in the lead and who is in last. To make this effort a success we would love for you to rally your department to win the race. Winner takes bragging rights and a warm fuzzy feeling of helping out the Waterville community!

We’d like to normalize the money collected by each team, so if you could respond with the number of people in your department (Professors + Majors) that’d be great. We’ll be placing the collection bins around campus, change will add to your score while dollar bills will subtract from other teams scores. Feel free to drop a twenty in another team’s bin! Thanks for reading and making this event a success!


The CVC staff