The Colby Volunteer Center was founded after sororities and fraternities were disbanded by President Cotter in 1984. Colby students wanted an outlet where they could be actively involved with their community.

General Information

The CVC is a campuswide umbrella organization. Each year it expands, adding new members and programs to its roster. There are more than twenty programs available to participate in, including opportunities for playing with shelter animals, cooking meals for the homeless, working with hospital patients, reading to children, and much more.

Each program is run by a program leader who reports to the CVC directors. The program leaders are also responsible for helping with publicity for other volunteer events, recruitment and retention of volunteers, and volunteer recognition.

In addition to ongoing programs, students can also volunteer on a one-time basis. The CVC helps organize and supports various community events, including Johnson Day, the Halloween Extravaganza, the Hardy Girls Healthy Women 5K, the Polar Bear Dip, and Colby Cares Day during both the fall and spring semester. Other smaller service days are organized throughout the year and are publicized online.

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