Today, seven Colby students, including five players from Colby’s Football Team, volunteered at the Waterville Area Warming Center. They met at the Center at 9:00 this morning and headed to Clinton to its storage unit to move equipment back into the Center. We really appreciate all those who volunteered this morning to help get the Center ready for operation this winter.

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Photos Courtesy of: John Bengston

This semester has been awesome for MMHS. The new shelter was finally complete, so all guests and volunteers moved to a beautiful, spacious new location. Now, there is much more room for classes, interaction and performance. Weekly, Colby students have been cooking and sharing meals with the guests as well as offering a Friday baking class which has been growing weekly! Colby students also put on a Halloween party for the children at the shelter and look forward to more fun events with the participation of teams and clubs next semester.

The South End Teen Center volunteer program got off to a great start this fall!

In October we partnered with the Colby-Waterville Alliance for our biannual “Kids on the Hill” event. A group of teens and two of the wonderful teen center staff drove up to Colby campus for an afternoon of fun and food. The teens divided up into teams and set off to complete a scavenger hunt that involved tasks such as making new friends in Pulver, finding a favorite piece of art in the museum, and finding a book on Colby history in Miller Library. At the end of the afternoon we all came back together to tally points and head over to Dana for some dinner. Endless pizza and ice cream was, as always, a huge hit!

As for what’s going on at the Teen Center itself, this fall we have excitedly welcomed two new volunteers, Jemarley McFarlane and Courtney Erskin, who have generously donated their time to help bring back a weekly boys group meeting. Each week, Courtney and Jemarley meet with a group of teens to talk about difficult topics that young men face in today’s society.

Another upcoming project is in the works with Colby’s Quilting Club. Following Thanksgiving, the teens will be working on a quilt with members of the Quilting Club. The teens will also be learning how to knit hats and scarves. The finished products will all be donated to help keep those in need warm during the winter months.


“Woodsmen would never say no to an opportunity to help…,” says Travis Gomez-Phillips.  A few weeks ago, Travis along with 3 other members of the Colby Woodsmen Team helped out a local Waterville resident named Deb by chopping a little over a chord of wood for her.  After working for around four hours, the four of them ate lunch with Deb.  We, in the CVC, wanted to thank all four of them for their help in the community.  We really appreciate it and we know Deb does too.

We have a great opportunity this week for you: gift wrapping at the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers in Waterville. We set aside two days, Thursday and Friday from 9am-12pm, so please sign up using this FORM if you can volunteer. You can indicate on the form what times you are able to help out if you cannot do the entire 3 hours. Thanks!

Best Buddies was full of events this October:

1. We had our monthly dinner in the Fairchild Room of Dana. Everybody enjoyed delicious pizza, pasta, burgers, french fries, and of course dessert.

2. We learned a lot about reptiles from Quarry Road expert John. He passed around the alligator head as he talked about his passion for reptiles. There was a great turnout of over 20 people in Lovejoy. Thank you to everyone who came to John’s reptile talk.

3. After piling the pumpkins into one car, we all headed down to Quarry Road to carve pumpkins with our Best Buddies. We carried our pumpkins to the facility’s common room and set them down and started carving. There were scary, funny, and delicately designed pumpkins. Everybody had a lot of fun!


That’s it for October!

Educare Language Mentors is finally up and running! We have four mentors each working in different classrooms for a few hours every week. Some mentors play games with the children and find ways to integrate Spanish vocabulary into their conversations. While another mentor has worked to transform their classroom into the perfect setting to foster bilingual growth. The kids have been very receptive, and love the presence of a new face in the classroom. One of the teachers had laid out a foundation for the use of both Spanish and English in the classroom with the translation of a classic children’s song, “What’s the Weather?” So far, the goal has not been to single out the children who’s family members speak another language, but it has been to make all of the children in the classroom comfortable with the presence and use of a new language. We look forward to watching the progress of the classrooms and the development of the childrens’ language skills.

We are still looking for a mentor who speaks Mandarin to help out in a classroom! If anyone is interested, please contact Caitlin Sperzel at


We are looking for someone to apply to be a CVC assistant director.  To access more information and the application, click here to visit the CVC’s hiring page.  Completed applications and resumes should be sent to the CVC ( by Thursday, November 15. As always, if you have any questions feel free to email us at