Homelessness Awareness Month is well underway! We have spent the past two weeks fundraising for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter in an effort to reach our goal of $10,000, which will be contributed directly to the campaign to build a new shelter. Through the generosity of the Colby community, we have raised $6000, more than half of our goal!

We have some important events coming up that you do not want to miss out on:

On Thursday, November 17 at 7-8 pm in Diamond 122, Colby will welcome a panel of experts who will discuss the topic of Youth Homelessness in Maine. Join the CVC and the Goldfarb Center for an evening of eye-opening discussion about the social realities affecting our state’s youth.

On Friday, we ask everyone to wear their shirts to show their support for the campaign.  So if you have not already, be sure to purchase a t-shirt in Pulver for $10 with all proceeds going directly to the shelter.

Thank you so much for your support so far as we continue to raise money for and awareness about the pressing social issue of homelessness. If you feel compelled please donate to the campaign online at https://www.wepay.com/donate/breakingground

Homelessness Awareness Month has officially begun here at Colby College! This past Tuesday November 1st, the CVC hosted an art reception for their exhibit “Home” located in Pulver. The exhibit asks viewers to think about the issue of homelessness in this community. Through a variety of mediums, the display represents responses to the question: “What does home mean to you?” in the form of words, poems, art, and photographs. Furthermore, “Home” captures life stories of current and past residents of the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter reported by students from the Echo. This display will be up for the next two weeks. Also, the CVC will be selling campaign t-shirts in Pulver over the next three weeks for $10 with all proceeds going directly to the shelter.

The CVC Staff – Madison, Amanda, Dana, and Josh

Clayton Brown performing at “Home” art reception

“Home” was the first of many events the CVC planned for the month-long campaign. The entire month is dedicated to raising awareness about homelessness in the greater-Watervilee area. In addition to educating the Colby community, the CVC hopes to fundraise $10,000 to support The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter. This money will go towards their larger campaign to raise $2.8 million to fund the construction and fund the running costs of the new shelter for two years. As members of the Waterville community, we are excited to invest our energy in this cause and urge you to join us throughout the month of November.

Susan Reisert, Betty Palmer, and Dana Roberts

If you feel compelled please donate to our campaign click here

The CVC hosted its annual Halloween Extravaganza on Sunday October 30.  Tons of kids, in costume, showed up with their families to go trick-or-treating through the Frat Row dorms, AMS, and East and West Quad.  They decorated cookies at GoHo, got their faces painted at Johnson, tossed bean bags at Johnson, made masks at West Quad, ate donuts on a string in Treworgy, and did much, much more.  And who can forget the frightening haunted house in the AMS basement?  Thanks to the help of CAs and countless volunteers, the Halloween Extravaganza was a tremendous success as kids went home with their bags full of candy eagerly waiting to trick-or-treat again next year.


This past week the Best Buddies Program went to our location at Quarry Road for a Halloween celebration.  Twenty students went down to spend time with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to carve and paint pumpkins.  All buddies got to carve pumpkins, enjoy candy, and spend time together as a group.  Halloween stories were shared and awesome pumpkins were made.   Everyone had a great time, and we cannot wait for our next event, November movie night.


This week at the Evening Sandwich Program (ESP) was busy as usual. Several Colby volunteers arrived around 2:30 on Tuesday in time to help the others  prepare the day’s food. On the menu today were cream cheese and olive, peanut butter and banana, salami and cheese, and tuna sandwiches. To go along with the sandwiches, Maili (the ESP director) also prepared a hearty vegetable soup with mushrooms, broccoli, and noodles, and a ‘tatertot casserole,’ which has proven to be popular in the past.

Today, our small kitchen was swamped with more demand than usual: by the end of the day, we had served 201 meals (average: 100). Many of our customers rely to some extent on food stamps, and, given that these stamps are distributed at the beginning of each month, it is around this time they often look to supplement that food with options from ESP or other soup kitchens around Waterville.

Part of the allure of this particular soup kitchen, with its two giant freezers, large pantry full of canned goods, and various Unitarian themed posters on the walls, is the unique group of people that have chosen to devote their time and energy to giving back to their community. Several ESP volunteers, like Maili, are members of the UU church, whose large meeting hall is directly upstairs. Two Mormon missionaries, Elders Esplin and Carroll, take time out of their schedules to volunteer twice a week. They are in their early twenties, and are taking time off from their pre-medical studies in college do missionary work in the Waterville area. Several high school and middle school kids also come as well, and they add a healthy dose of rambunctiousness and youth to the scene.

The clock strikes 4, and soon an orderly line of people forms in the foyer area of our kitchen, stretching out the door. As ESP is a take out soup kitchen, customers ask for and receive their meals in paper and plastic bags (not trays). They can also take fruit and desserts (donated from local supermarkets) along with their sandwiches and soup.

By 4:45 the ‘rush’ has abated; finally the volunteers have time to take a break, chat, and have a cup of tea.

A successful day, I would say.  Plus, the company is awesome.

– Gabe Lerner ’12, ESP Program Leader

This past Saturday, the Colby Volunteer Center collaborated with Hardy Girls Healthy Women to bring the annual Freaky 5K Run and Walk to Mayflower Hill to Mayflower Hill. 110 Colby Students joined with 104 community members to raise close to $12,000 to support Hardy Girls cause of empowering young women and encouraging them to live healthy lives.

Though the race took place early on a bleak Saturday morning, Colby kids rose to the occasion, bringing their enthusiasm and creativity to the event. The women’s lacrosse team, dressed as Cruella de Vil and her Dalmatian gang gathered the largest team (13 people) and won the prize for most creative costumes, as judged by Jed Wartman in Campus Life and other prominent members of the Waterville community. The Women’s XC team also participated, sneaking around the course so quickly, it is no wonder they were dressed as ninjas.

The race began at 10 AM, as fairies, whoopee cushions, lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) alike took off from in front of Diamond. Less than 16 minutes later the first runners made their way up Mayflower Hill, completing the last stretch of the course now known as Heartbreak Hill. Everyone finished the race strong and headed back to the Athletic Center to partake in some Halloween goodies while being serenaded by two of Colby’s a cappella groups: EVE and the Colbyettes.

The morning ended with awards, with some of Colby’s own getting prizes for being the fastest runners. It was a spectacularly spooky and exciting event. To see footage click here. For the rest of the photo album go to check out our Snapfish album by clicking here.

The annual Halloween Extravaganza will take place on Sunday, October 30th from 1 pm – 4 pm! Check-in will be in the Roberts Building.

The Colby Community is excited to provide a safe space for kids to enjoy Halloween festivities. Kids will be able to participate in face painting, cookie decorating, pumpkin bowling, and more! The Colby Volunteer Center partners with Colby Campus Life to make it a great event for all.

This year, Colby has arranged for a bus to bring kids the South End Teen Center, 5 Libby Court, Waterville, to Roberts Parking Lot at Colby College, 4000 Mayflower Hill. The bus will have two pick-up/drop-off times.

Children must have a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian to board the bus.  There will be volunteer chaperones on the bus.

A: Pick-up at the SETN: 1 pm

Drop-off at the SETN: 3 pm

B: Pick-up at the SETN: 2 pm

Drop-off at the SETN: 4 pm

For more information, call: the Colby Volunteer Center at 859-4150.

Two weeks ago, teens from Waterville’s South End Teen Center arrived on campus for an afternoon of flag football and fun at Colby.  The event was organized by the CVC’s South End Teen Center volunteers and the GQ club (gentlemen of quality).  12 teens and 15 Colby students spent the afternoon playing on the Colby Green and then marched over to Dana for a well-deserved victory dinner.  Between plays and spoonfuls of ice cream, Waterville kids and Colby students laughed and joked together.  The event was a great way to promote positive relationships amongst Waterville teens and Colby students.

Many of the teens at the center are talking about their next trip to Colby, and the volunteers who participated are also looking forward to another opportunity to spend time with the kids. The CVC volunteers are excited to plan their next big event for the South End Teen Center bringing Colby and Waterville kids closer together.
– Amanda Carbonneau ’14, South End Teen Center Program Leader

This past Friday at Barrels there was a lot going on, as there always is. There were fresh turnips and leeks. New Barrels t-shirts to be folded and aprons to be hung up. Danielle (’15), one of the Colby volunteers modeled one for me. Since the new kitchen has been up and running since this past spring, Barrels comes out with fresh lunches every day, and a fresh salad bar, and it’s not just lettuce and tomatoes. Depending on the day there could be nuts, fruits, tofu, cheeses, olives, chicken salads, potato salads and more! Also today there was a Waterville Main Street manager’s meeting, which Barrels hosted in its downstairs, which they also share with Freshwater Arts. Fruits, breads and tuna salads were some of the options for the attendees. Usually on Fridays there’s a delivery from Black Crow Bakery of different breads–tuscan, sicilian, poppy seed wheat, peasant, olive, baguettes and more–but they’re on vacation this week. This is what Barrels deals with by buying from local businesses; sometimes they’re on vacation. But it’s definitely so worth it, so you know I’m looking forward to next week when they’re back. An upside to dealing with local farmers and bakers is getting to know them. While I was in volunteering, a woman came in who grows organic concord grapes. I helped her bring them in from her car, and she told me all about the jams and juices she’s making from this crop of grapes. Danielle and I divided them into quarts and pints, and maybe sampled a few. They were so good!

Barrels was also busy on Friday planning for some upcoming events in conjunction with Colby. This Sunday, they’re making dinner for Colby Hillel’s Sukkot celebration. And at the end of October, during Colby parents’ weekend, (Saturday, the 29th from 3-5) Barrels will be part of the Goldfarb Center’s Get Up Downtown initiative. Colby students and families are invited to come in and sample some foods and check out the crafts and foods on sale. It’s a great way to get off the hill and get to know the community of which we are a part! This is the second year this has happened, and last year this event was Barrels’ highest grossing day of the year. Hopefully Colby can help them have continued success.
There is so much I love about Barrels; the food, the art, the environment, the people with whom I volunteer, the people I meet from the greater Waterville community, and more. I always look forward to leaving the Colby campus for two hours a week to help out, and I feel great knowing that I’m supporting the local community and Maine businesses from all over the state. I truly believe in Barrels’ mission of improving the community, and I know that as a Colby student, my role on campus extends beyond Mayflower Hill. This is how I get involved.
-Rachel Frenkil, ’12, Barrel Volunteer Program Leader

Johnson Day is  a time to thank PPD for all of its hard work and for Colby students to give back to their Colby community.  On October 15th, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, Colby students will be working with PPD staff members to help beautify the campus through a variety of activities.  Colby students participated in Johnson Day from 1952 to 1964, and the CVC looks forward to continuing this tradition, which was revived this past spring.

To sign up for Johnson Day, please use the following link:


To read more about Johnson Day Spring 2011, please go to: