The Evening Sandwich Program is a great way to give back to the Waterville community and connect with locals that volunteer.  The group at ESP is a really solid community and this semester we’ve been working on adding more volunteers after so many graduated last year.  We have quite a few new volunteers, many of whom are freshmen, and I think the weekly volunteer time is a great way to meet new members of the Colby and Waterville community.  We’re working on connecting with other groups on campus to possibly arrange a time for clubs to give back to the community during the holiday season.  We’ve been serving roughly 200 meals a day to adults and children in need, no questions asked.  With each new volunteer, the meals are made faster and older volunteers are able to take a break. I think building up the Colby presence within ESP has been an important part of this semester, and we look forward to continuing to spread the word about the program.  Hopefully this December will bring opportunities for fundraising projects and outreach from other groups on campus that can give the hardworking Waterville volunteers a break!


ESP volunteers preparing meals
(Photo compliments of Alice Anamosa of The Colby Echo)

The Veteran’s Club is brand new to Colby this year! We are collaborating with Maine General RSVP to help Veteran’s register for the MyHealtheVet program. This national program is a way for veteran’s to keep track of their health records, find out what benefits they qualify for, and order medications. It opens up the means of communication between Veteran’s and their healthcare providers. Colby volunteers are scheduled to register Veteran’s the second Tuesday of every month at the Waterville Public Library. The representative for the program Ellen McGuire has been working closely with volunteers to ensure Colby is able to provide volunteers. In addition to the once a month registrations Ellen McGuire informs the club of addition volunteer opportunities throughout the month. So far we have trained four Colby students on registration, and only hope the program grows. If anyone is interested in becoming involved in this very rewarding program or has further questions please email the Veteran’s Club leader Holly Hogan at

The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter is off to another great start this semester! Columbus Day marked the one-year anniversary of the new Colby Street shelter, and this year, we have been fortunate enough to work in this facility for the entirety of the semester. Along with this great space, we have a fantastic bunch of volunteers. One significant change is the addition of weekly childcare shifts. This allows parents more flexibility in finding and securing work – plus, volunteers are able to hang out with some of the most vibrant and lovely kids you’ll ever meet! The shelter coordinator and staff have commented on the flexibility and genuine kindness exuded by volunteers, and we are thrilled to report 306 volunteer hours in October. As cooking classes, craft projects, and music events start to materialize, we only expect that number to climb – access to the new CCAK cars probably won’t hurt either! Wholeheartedly, we are so grateful to our volunteers and to be part of such an amazing organization.


Our annual Halloween Extravaganza had perfect weather for spooky indoor and outdoor activities!  This year, the CVC partnered with different groups on campus including COOT committee, PCB, CCAK, Hardy Girls Healthy Women, Powder and Wig, Women’s Hockey, and SHOC.  Groups on campus hosted different events and made up a majority of the 88 volunteers helping out with the event, contributing 275 volunteer hours!  All the hard work certainly paid off, making this a wonderful event for the children of Waterville and volunteers alike.

This fall for the months of September and October, we had 13 students volunteer to coach youth soccer in Waterville. They had practices on Fridays and games on Saturdays. In total, the 13 students volunteered 188 hours.

"The Awesome Suns"

Two students, Brendan Tschaen ’14 and Steve Jenkins ’14, coached the yellow team, more formally called “The Awesome Suns.”


Members from the Track and Field team headed to the Maine’s Children’s Home for Little Wanderers to help pack Christmas boxes that will be given to financial disadvantaged families. Each child in every family receives 2 toys, pj’s, an outfit, hat and mittens, markers, crayons, color pencils, coloring books, a board game and 3 books! Thank you guys for helping make many families happy this Christmas season!
 IMG_3102 copy

The Birthday Wishes Program had been going extremely well so far! We have gained about 12 new volunteers since the CVC club sign-up which was great! So far we have only had two birthday wishes parties, but we have another one planned forNovember 24th! At the first two parties we took 3 other Colby students with us and 2 other club members volunteered the bake the cupcakes and cakes for the birthday children. Our volunteers are so helpful and are really great with the kids. In september we made buttons for the children to wear and in October we did halloween crafts and had halloween tattoos which the children loved! The children at the shelter are always so excited when we come and when we walked into the last party they yelled, “The birthday people are here! The birthday people are here!”

Johnson Day is an annual event where Colby students volunteer on campus to help clean up the grounds, paint, and plant flowers for the spring. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to PPD for the work they do year round to keep the campus safe, clean, and beautiful.

This year, Johnson Day will be held on Saturday, November 9th from 9:30am until about noon. Colby students can sign up as a group (fun with your friends) or as individuals (fun with new friends). Even better, we’ll have a special Senior site where the Class of 2014 can make its own unique mark on Colby’s Campus. It’s a great opportunity to improve Colby and get some fresh air. Plus, you’ll get the CVC’s awesome new t-shirt.

The link to sign up is below. Be sure to sign up soon, space is limited to the first 125 volunteers! The deadline for sign-ups is Tuesday, November 5th. We can’t wait to work with you!

In the first two months of the semester Maine Aspirations has hosted 6 different middle and high schools, for a total of over 200 students, with 5 more schools scheduled in the month of November. In collaboration with the Museum, Dining Services and Admissions some of these students enjoyed Museum tours, lunch in the dining hall, and admissions information sessions in addition to our campus tours. The visiting students have had some great questions about the college application process, about how college schedules work, and about Colby academics and social life. The moment you see a student start to believe college is somewhere they’d like to be, something they can achieve, is an incredibly rewarding moment for the program volunteers, and a moment that could lead to a something great in the future of the visiting students – and that’s where the goal of the program is achieved.

The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers held its annual Passion for Fashion Auction. The proceeds from this event all benefitted the Teen Parent School Program which is a high school for pregnant and parenting teens located here in Waterville. This program offers prenatal education, parenting classes, and individual and group therapy in addition to their high school education. Four Colby Football players and four Hockey players were auctioned off for two hours of raking, raising $430 for the Teen Parent Program!