WELCOME BACK! The CVC is so excited to get this year started. We have a lot of great new opportunities this semester in addition to our usual amazing programs.

We will begin having office hours starting on Monday next week. If you need taxi vouchers before then, please email us at cvc@colby.edu.

Enjoy the first day of classes!

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) 2013 leaders and participants from ASB New York City, ASB US Virgin Islands National Park, and ASB Nicaragua reflected on their ASB experiences upon returning to campus. Click on the poster to see what they had to say!


Football coach Steve Opgenorth said: “These guys that have exemplified BTC this spring would just like to be recognized for our team’s efforts and total hours of community service.”

Josh Balk and Lily Holland, program leaders for Best Buddies wrote, “Natasha, does not live in the group home and is confined to a wheelchair andMolly and Nell always make sure to make extra arrangements to accommodate their buddy’s needs. They regularly see their buddy outside of our monthly events. Their buddy could not be more pleased to be paired with Molly and Nell this year, the three of them can always be found chatting and giggling at events. Most recently, Molly and Nell brought a group of Colby students to attend a Drag Ball that was a fundraiser for their buddy’s new wheelchair lift. Great job Molly and Nell!

Natasha's Fundraiser

Molly Cox & Nell Pryor

Amanda and Naomi volunteered yesterday to help rake leaves for a local resident in Oakland. If you are interested in helping out next week, contact cvc@colby.edu.


Yesterday, Best Buddies took a trip to Portland to root for the Sea Dogs. After finding our seats in section 113, we enjoyed the game. After the fourth inning, we decided to get some delicious food: fried dough and french fries. Although the Portland Sea Dogs ultimately lost 8-6, we all had a great time!

Saturday April 20 turned out to be a great day for volunteering. Colby Cares Day was a great success! We had, including the faculty involved and the two football coaches, 282 volunteers! Thanks to everyone who participated.

Here are some photos that we took:

Here are some more photos from Eliza Larson:

Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter continues to expand! There was an incredible surge in interest this semester from Colby volunteers. Currently, we have teams of two and three for breakfast and dinner shifts nearly every day of the week – a significant increase from prior semesters (weekend morning shifts are still available!). Beyond this, Katherine Rizk, Thomas Gregston, and Cat McClure even hold multiple shifts each week; they’re simply stellar.

Snapshot 2013-04-15 21-44-23 copy

Recently, a family with several young kids came to the shelter in need of child support. Our fantastic volunteers were quick to lend their time. Madi Louis was incredible as always and helped to coordinate a volunteer schedule during the week; she also volunteered to watch them in the morning. Likewise, our beloved Katherine Rizk went daily to get the kids ready for bed, read bedtime stories, and tuck them in during what must have been a really trying time. Feedback from shelter staff and guests attest to how wonderful she and other volunteers were. Now that the schedule has settled down, it’s still so wonderful to see these awesome youngsters during breakfast or dinner.

From sorting donations to playing some great music at dinner, it’s been a super productive and fun semester. Mid-Maine is truly grateful to have such a great collection of devoted volunteers! We can only imagine what fantastic things the future holds for us!

Love always,

Congratulations to our March Volunteers of the Month!

In regards to the 2013 Maine Philanthropy Awards, the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement and the Maine Association of Nonprofits (MANP) recently announced that “This year, the selection committee has chosen Matt White ’14 to receive the Colby Student Award.  During his sophomore year, Matt began MulePrep, a program that offers free SAT preparation to students in the greater Waterville area.  Under Matt’s leadership, the program has grown to provide assistance to 75 students and 6 teachers for the Fall 2012 session.  He continues to explore ways he can make a larger impact on youth education in central Maine, and has recently begun working to start a mentoring program for first generation college students.” The Awards’ dinner  will be happening on April 26, 2013 at Colby College. To find out more about the the Maine Philanthropy Awards and the April 26, 2013 Nonprofit Leadership Conference, please click here.


We had quite a few kids who were helping us come up with ideas and sketches. We have three spots to work on if we want to and we worked mainly on the one upstairs in the TV room yesterday. We went ahead and laid a base coat of white on the upstairs and porch mural sections so it will be easier to sketch out ideas/colors will stand out better. Themural upstairs is going to be an anti-bullying message with various animals saying anti-bullying slogans. It’s gonna be awesome. For the other volunteers coming in, the one upstairs is sketched out on the white but if they need more of an idea as to what we were trying to do, there are preliminary sketches in Steve’s office.