The Colby Events plugin allows events from EMS to be pulled in on websites. Events are entered into EMS through the Scheduling Office and can be submitted on the College Event Calendar.


  • Colby Events
    Pull in a list of events for specific departments or all upcoming events. Widget can be configured for number of posts to display, departments, whether to only show ‘featured’ events and the title of the widget. Events are opened in a modal window to keep visitors on the department website where the widget is embedded.


  • [display-events] Displays a list of events. Parameters that can be passed are ‘title’ (defaults to Events), ‘count’ (defaults to 5), ‘departments’ (id’s of departments to pull), ‘upcoming’ (defaults to true. If set to false, shows all past events as well), ‘featuredonly’ (defaults to false. If set, pulls only events that have been indicated as being ‘featured’ events), ‘display_footerlinks’ (defaults to false. Displays links to ‘full calendar’ if true)
  • [events_slideshow_display] Displays a slideshow of upcoming featured events.
  • [latest-featured] Displays the next upcoming featured event (non-slideshow)
  • [homepage-featured] Displays upcoming featured events that are featured on the homepage.