The Colby News plugin allows College news to be pulled in on websites.


  • Colby News Headlines
    Pull in a list of recent headlines from the news website Widget can be configured for number of posts to display and categories of posts to retrieve.


  • [homepage-headlines] Displays headline that is scheduled for homepage.
  • [colbymagazine] Displays a listing of top magazine stories fromĀ Colby magazine.
  • [topheadlines] Used to display a list of top headlines. Parameters that can be passed into shortcode are ‘count’ (defaults to 3), ‘title’ (defaults to ‘Top Headlines’), ‘showimage’ (defaults to false. Used to show image with news articles), ‘includeexcerpt’ (Defaults to false. Used to show excerpt with posts.
  • [athletics-headlines] Displays list of headlines generated from the Athletics department.