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Meet the Writers' Center Staff!

Ron DePeter, Director

Ron DePeter

I spent childhood years in Maine reading Peanuts comic books, making glow-in-the-dark monster models and pretending I was daredevil Evel Knievel on my Schwinn Stingray 5-speed bike. As with reading Charles Schulz, I realized writing could be fun, and sometimes pure. As with making models, I realized writing could be nervewracking and, sometimes, the finished product scared you. As with pretending, I realized writing could be an adventure, but without the risk of breaking all my bones! I wish for you some meaningful adventures with writing this year.

Emilie Coulson '06, Assistant Director

Emilie Coulson

Emilie Coulson is so excited to return to Colby for her first year as Assistant Director. She loves collaboration on writing projects, grilling projects, and playing folksongs around campfires.

Matt Altieri, '07J

Matt Altieri

As an 07J, Matt is returning for his last semester at Colby. An English major, he loves to read and write and tell untruths that reveal a little something about us all. Other than that, he loves his niece and nephews, fishing, hockey, cheeses of all sorts, thunderstorms, crabcakes, and having a good time. So come on by for a fun time.***

John DeBruicker, '07

John DeBruicker

Half man, half machine, all tutor.

Mindy Favreau, '07

Mindy Favreau

One of those good ol' Maine girls, Mindy is a double French and English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. Her recent semester in Dijon, France instilled in her a deep appreciation for spicy mustard and nice wine (and she learned some French, too). Her hobbies include reading short stories, taking too many pictures, and watching entire seasons of "Friends" on DVD.

Lucy Hitz, '07

Lucy Hitz

I am an Art History and English double major with an Italian minor, a penchant for Zebra cakes, Simon and Garfunkel, my hometown NYC, and yes, writing.

Chris Hoffman, '07

Chris Hoffman

I am a History and German double major and teaching certification minor from this great state of Maine. I love life and tutoring the writing of others in the Writers' Center. Hope to see you soon.

Drew Moreland, '07

Drew Moreland

After trying to write a funny and clever bio, Drew has come to the conclusion that he can't. Instead this senior English major, with a concentration in Creative Writing, will try to lure you in with his easy-going tutoring style. Come on in and say hello.

Rocio Orantes, '07

Rocio Orantes

Rocio comes from Guatemala. She enjoys eating and cooking and lying in the sun. Other interests: philosophy and history (because she has to), meditation (because it keeps her happy), reading (because it makes the cold winter months go by faster), yoga (because it's centering), and bicycles (because they are cool). If anyone out there enjoys and of these things, long walks on the beach and/or would like to have her paper by a non-English major, give her a shout-out. She likes longer projects best, people struggling to find their voice and/or those finding themselves chewing so hard on their pencils they taste lead.

Katie Renwick, '07

Katie Renwick

Katie is a Classics and Environmental Science double major who enjoys flying kites, climbing trees, watching old movies, and of course, writing! She is currently searching for a career that involves both of her majors, but in the meantime is happy to be back for her third year at the Writers' Center.

Jo Rosenfeld,'07

Jo Rosenfeld

Jo is a senior majoring in Philosophy. One would describe her as a "never odd or even" type kid--always looking for the gray area. She loves reading during the day, writing late at night, and being outdoors just about anytime. If you need her, she's probably swinging from a tree or lounging underneath one.

Allyson Rudolph, '07

Allyson Rudolph

Allyson is a senior Philosophy major. Sometimes people think she is precocious, but that's usually because they also think she's 14 years old. She is so thrilled to be working at the Writers' Center that when she got the tutoring position, she squeaked joyfully.

Liz Stovall, '07

Liz Stovall

Liz is majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She hails from a little town about 14 hours outside of Boston called Chicago. She likes trickery and pirates. Yarrrrr.

Sasha Swarup-Deuser, '07

Sasha Swarup-Deuser

Sasha is a senior who loves poems and tutoring. He would even tutor a poem if you brought him one.

Christine Avena, '08

Christine Avena

Christine, a junior biology major, will join the Writers' Center after spending the fall semester abroad searching for adventure in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. Upon her return to the Hill, she is looking forward to pumpkin chip cookies, snow, and helping fellow students with anything from philosophy essays to lab reports.*

Yvonne Baker, '08

Yvonne Baker

Yvonne is a junior English major and Pre-Med student. She enjoys tennis, skiing, eating, reading, and writing. She will be traveling to New Zealand to study during the spring semester, but she is really looking forward to spending the fall semester at Colby and tutoring in the Writers' Center!**

Charlie Eichacker, '08

Charlie Eichacker

Hailing from Maryland, Charlie is a junior majoring in English. His passions include rugby, Scrabble, grapefruit juice, and "MacGyver." In life, he tries to follow Jack London's advice: "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."**

Christina Feng, '08

Christina Feng

Christina is a junior Government major who likes eating apples, watching documentaries, biking down hills, and baking delicious treats.

Julia Gilstein, '08

Julia Gilstein

Julia, an English and History major, hails from southern Massachusetts. She is often heard stating, "I'm NOT from twenty minutes outside Boston." Besides claiming Rhode Island residency, Julia enjoys reading and writing both for her majors and in her spare time.**

Lauren Harding, '08

Lauren Harding

My name is Lauren Harding, and I am a member of the class of '08. I am an English major, an Education minor, I love to write poetry, and I am contemplating becoming an English professor.

Jeronimo Maradiago, '08

Jeronimo Maradiago

Jeronimo is a junior and a Biology major and is excited to be working at the Writers' Center. He is extremely laid back and hopes to be able to help students with lab reports as well as anything else that comes his way.

Jeffrey Mullins, '08

Jeff Mullins

I am a junior at Colby and I am majoring in English with an Administrative Science minor. Whether you need some help getting started or just want to put on some finishing touches, don't hesitate to bring your papers to the Writers' Center. I am sure we can help you out. Hope to see you soon.

Judith Murphy, '08

Judith Murphy

Judith is so happy to be starting her first year as a tutor in the Writers' Center. Hailing from Maryland, Judith is an English and International Relations major and loves anything and everything artistic, especially music, theater, and, of course, literature and writing.**

Laura Perille, '08

Laura Perille

Hailing from the good ol' box state of Colorado, Laura is thrilled to jump right into the joys of writing and tutoring! When not basking in the energy of the Writers' Center, she enjoys eating peanut M&Ms, dominating in the game of Catchphrase, and reading like the wind (for her English and History majors).

Mady Ragan, '08

Mady Ragan

"Before you use a fancy word, make room for it."-Joseph Joubert**

Amy Weinfurter, '08

Amy Weinfurter

Amy is an English and Biology major who hails from the Midwest and is very excited about joining the Writers' Center. A fan of reading, writing, and playing in the snow, she can't wait to begin her second year of tutoring.**

Mike Barrett, '09

Mike Barrett

Mike is a sophomore English major from Troy, New York, near Albany. His turn-ons inlcude respect for elders and a nice smile while his turn-offs include names starting with D and animal cruelty. He can't wait to work with you or just talk about the Beatles, "Lost," "Veronica Mars," comic books, or anything else cool.

John Campbell, '09

John Campbell

John is a man of few words.

Katie Kalkstein, '09

Katie Kalkstein

Katie majors in the art of reclining (while simultaneously pursuing Art History and English). She hails from NorCal, worships David Sedaris, and loves to mock others. However, she is really friendly, and completely awkward.

Jim Kelly, '09

Jim Kelly

Jim is an English major from Colby's second home, Twenty Minutes Outside of Boston (but don't hold it against him). He enjoys reading, listening to music, thinking, watching movies, and describing himself in ambiguous ways. If he could have any super power in the world, he would fly.

Sarah Joseph Kurien, '09

Sarah Joseph Kurien

A sophomore, Sarah spends most of her time masquerading as a grown-up and dreaming of pixies. She can often by seen wandering about aimlessly as she ponders the meaning of life. She likes to sing in the shower and dance in the dark. She also likes people. Sometimes.

Margaret Lyford, '09

Margaret Lyford

I am a sophomore majoring in International Studies and French. I enjoy traveling, reading, cooking, and nice people.

Dan O'Sullivan, '09

Dan O'Sullivan

"I could be bounded in a nutshellf, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I had bad dreams." -Hamlet, II.ii. "Words. Words. They're all we have to go on." -Tom Stoppard, "Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are Dead"

*studying abroad in Fall '06
**studying abroad in Spring '07
***graduating in January '07

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