First-Year Writing Courses (W1s)

Our First-Year Writing Courses are small, writing-intensive courses taught by faculty across the curriculum.  These courses are designed to introduce students to the rigorous culture of writing at Colby and to provide practice with expository writing, careful reading, and critical analysis. W1 courses introduce students to the processes and tools they will need as writers throughout their college careers.

To that end, W1 courses share several features:

W1 Common Understandings (faculty guidelines) 

W1 student learning objectives

Spring 2014 W1 course descriptions

  • strong emphasis on drafting, argument development, and revision;
  • close focus on individual writing skills and needs;
  • required writing in a variety of forms;
  • frequent professor and peer feedback;
  • exploration of the ethical, critical, and formal expectations for college-level writing.

Upper-Level, Writing-Intensive Courses (W2s and W3s)

All students must take a W1 course in their first year. Transfer students may receive W1 credit for an approved, equivalent course. Some courses may also satisfy major or other distribution requirements.

Upper-level, writing-intensive courses at Colby will introduce students to field-specific writing and research practices and use writing to investigate issues in the disciplines. Courses will be small (capped at 18). Students in these courses will:

  • write regularly throughout the semester;
  • discuss their writing in class and with peers;
  • revise their work in response to feedback from their professors and peers; and
  • learn the purposes, forms, and conventions of writing in the field of study.

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Colby Writing Program Courses

Professors Stacey Sheriff and Paula Harrington teach a variety of writing-intensive courses:

  • English 111: Expository Writing Workshop (3 credits)
  • English 112: Individual Writers’ Workshop (1 credit)
  • English 114: Global English (W1 and 4 credits)
  • English 115: English Composition (W1 and 4 credits)
  • English 214: Tutoring Writing in Theory and Practice (4 credits, required for writing tutors)
  • English 397f: Advanced Writing and Rhetoric (W2 and 4 credits)
  • English 491/492: Independent Study in Rhetoric & Composition (1 to 4 credits)

Please consult the college catalogue for current descriptions and schedules.