Your Professor’s Office Hours:

Many new college students don’t realize that all faculty at Colby hold “office hours”–a few hours each week scheduled just for meeting with students–that you may use to talk about a concept, a new assignment, research ideas etc. Going to your professors’ office hours is a good way to learn their expectations and to ask specific questions you might not want to raise in class.

Tip: When it comes to writing assignments, “Could you read this paper and tell me what you think?” is too big a question that most professors will not prefer. Instead, bring a couple specific questions or ask the professor to review your introduction, the first page of a draft, or your list of research sources.

Writing Fellows:

Most W1s classes have a designated student Writing Fellow who is the course writing tutor. Get to know your Fellow! They can discuss your ideas, review paper comments, and help with drafts. Some WFs hold set “office hours,” while others work by appointment with their students.

Farnham Writers’ Center (FWC) Tutors:

The Farnham Writers’ Center supports writing at Colby through peer writing tutoring, faculty support, and special events. Trained peer writing tutors will work with you on all aspects of writing from brainstorming to revising a draft to polishing a final project. Writers’ Center tutors use a “non-directive” approach, so they will ask you to remain the owner and expert on your writing rather than telling you the “right” way to revise or “fixing” your paper for you. Peer writing tutors are trained to produce better writers, not just better papers.

The Writers’ Center is in 206 Miller on the 2nd floor. It is open from 10AM-4PM and 6PM-midnight from Monday to Thursday and 6PM-midnight on Sunday. Make your appointment online anytime! If you’re in urgent need of a writing tutor on a Friday, contact Andy Kang (, and he’ll request an “on call” tutor for you.

EN112 Expository Writing Workshop:

Writing Program faculty coordinate EN112, a non-graded, one-credit course for individualized one-to-one writing help; it is designed for students who would like extra help with a writing-intensive course, theses, or assignments. EN112 students must meet once weekly with the same tutor for a total of ten sessions during the semester.

Research Librarians:

Colby’s librarians are also an important resource for writing that you might not think of at first. They can be the key to helping you find research and information beyond Google and Wikipedia (which your professors will usually require). They can also tell you about the research databases and books owned by Colby’s libraries, help you create good search terms, and show you how to narrow your search so that you don’t get hundreds (or even thousands) of results. Colby has three libraries: Miller (Humanities and Social Sciences), Olin (Natural Sciences), and Bixler (Art and Music). Expert librarians work in each building. The libraries’ home page can also help you get started.

For More Information or Questions:

Colby Writing Program Director, Stacey Sheriff (

Farnham Writers’ Center Director, Paula Harrington (