Student Learning Objectives for First-Year, Writing-Intensive Courses (W1s)

As a reflection of the College’s commitment to writing across the curriculum, all Colby students have a first-year writing requirement. These courses give students the opportunity to cultivate their writing, critical analysis, and research skills in small, themed courses offered by faculty in a variety of disciplines. First-year writing courses, designated W1 in the catalog, will introduce students to a variety of written forms and Colby’s rigorous culture of writing. Some courses may also satisfy major or other distribution requirements. The  W1 learning objectives are listed below.

In W1 courses students will:

  • write frequently in a variety of forms
  • carefully analyze challenging texts
  • develop an effective approach to writing as a process
  • construct and support argumentative claims in writing
  • learn how to apply feedback on their writing
  • revise their writing and develop their revision strategies
  • begin to develop college-level research practices
  • learn the key elements of “information literacy”: locating, evaluating, documenting, and integrating appropriate research sources
  • learn the meaning and consequences of plagiarism and how to use appropriate forms of attribution and citation
  • review English grammatical skills

These objectives are, of necessity, guidelines that will be regularly revisited, measured (as appropriate and applicable), and revised to best reflect Colby students’ needs and faculty goals for first-year writing experiences.