Interested in engineering but want to attend a liberal arts college? At Colby you can do both. Our dual-degree programs allow you to graduate from Colby and obtain an engineering degree from either Dartmouth College or Columbia University.

Colby has an active dual-degree program, with typically 8-10 students being admitted to the programs each year. That means if you decide to pursue engineering at Colby, there will be a cohort of students undertaking the same preparation and attending the same program.

You get the best of both worlds—the opportunity to explore the liberal arts while pursuing a technical focus in the field of engineering. For both programs, students are required to take a set of foundational courses at Colby followed by engineering-focused courses at the partner institution. The ability to write, communicate, and think critically are essential skills for all career paths, including engineering, and students with dual degrees are positioned to assume leadership roles requiring skills beyond the technical realm.

Upon completion, you’ll earn two degrees—a B.A. from Colby and a B.E. or B.S. degree from the partner institution.

Program Details


  • Five-year program in a 2/1/1/1 format
  • Junior year is at Dartmouth
  • Competitive admission
  • Bachelor of engineering degree
  • Specialization in the final year
  • Choice of nine areas of focus
  • Campus in Hanover, N.H.

  • Choice of a 3/2 or 4/2 program
  • Guaranteed admission if requirements met
  • Apply to a specific engineering department
  • Bachelor of science in an engineering discipline
  • Choice of at least 12 Engineering majors
  • 4/2 program allows study abroad
  • Campus in New York City