The following courses are required for both the Dartmouth and Columbia dual-degree programs. Interested students should refer to partner websites and consult with the Colby engineering advisors, Assistant Professor Alejandra C. Ortiz [email protected] or Associate Professor Stephanie Taylor [email protected].

  • Mathematics: Three courses, including MA 262 Vector Calculus; Students with AP Calculus generally start with MA 160, but we recommend consulting the Math Department regarding calculus placement. MA 253 Linear Algebra and MA 311 Ordinary Differential Equations are recommended but are not required before the first year at Dartmouth.
  • Physics: Two courses, usually PH 141 (or 143 Honors) Foundations of Mechanics and PH 145 Foundations of Electromagnetism and Optics.
  • Chemistry: CH 141, CH 145, or CH 147 General Chemistry. Only one semester of chemistry is required.
  • Computer Science: CS 151 or CS 152 Computational Thinking. Students with prior programming experience may be able to take CS 231 Data Structures instead.
  • Economics (Columbia only): EC 133 Microeconomics

Students applying for the Dartmouth program must complete all of these requirements within their first four semesters. Some Columbia engineering majors require additional coursework while at Colby, so students need to plan in advance which Columbia engineering major to pursue. AP and IB credits that appear on a student’s transcript can substitute for the equivalent preparatory courses.