Department of Anthropology

The core mission of the Department of Anthropology, the study of the broad scope of human diversity, mirrors the integrative and holistic goals of the liberal arts tradition. The department’s focus on cultural anthropology emphasizes two related strands of learning: first, close empirical examination of cultural communities and the ways their members experience and understand their lives; and, second, critical theoretical analysis of the larger political, economic, and symbolic frameworks that shape contemporary human societies and cross-cultural interactions world-wide.  Both the major and minor involve a structured curriculum of lecture and discussion courses, ethnographic training, and opportunities for independent research. Students who complete the program acquire a sophisticated understanding of the discipline’s core concepts, methods, and theoretical approaches, while also honing fundamental skills of oral and written communication, qualitative research design, data collection, and critical analysis. The department prepares students to be critically aware, ethically informed, and actively engaged global citizens. Graduates are fully prepared either to continue their studies at the graduate level or to apply the perspectives and skills they have developed at Colby in the profession or career of their choice.MORE

New Faculty:  A new anthropologist has recently joined the Colby faculty.


Opportunities and Internships


2011 Anthropology Awards

The Anthropology Department congratulates our majors and minors who received rewards this year in acknowledgment of their many accomplishments:

The Anthropology Award for Outstanding Performance in the Major, Scott J. Wentzell ‘11

Honors in the Anthropology Major: Debbie Merzbach '11 and Zach Mitchell, '11

Democracy and Civic Engagement Award, John G. Perkins ‘11

SPB Spirit Enthusiasm Award, Jen Tsang ‘13
Mary L. Carver Poetry Prize, Molly J. Bennett ’11
Theater and Dance Department Outstanding Senior Major Award, Alexandra E. Desaulniers ‘11
The American Association of University Women Award, Hannah C. DeAngelis ‘12
Phi Beta Kappa, Sara Ramsey '11
—May 16, 2011

 2011-2012 Faculty Honors and Grants

Congratulations to Chandra Bhimull (Anthropology and African American Studies) on her Guggenheim Fellowship. She will be in residence at NASA next spring.

Congratulations to Maple Razsa (International Studies) on his University of Stockholm Research Fellowship and his International Research and Exchanges Board Individual Advanced Research Opportunity Fellowship. He will be in residence in Slovenia and Stockholm next year. 

—May 16, 2011