Oak Institute For the Study of International Human Rights

The Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights, established in 1998, annually brings to campus a prominent human rights practitioner. While in residence the Oak Human Rights Fellow teaches, pursues research, and works with the faculty to organize lectures and other events centered around his or her area of expertise. The 2009 Oak Human Rights Fellow is Hadas Ziv of Israel, who will be in residence for the fall semester. She is executive director of Physicians for Human Rights–Israel (PHR-Israel), based in Tel Aviv. Born in Israel, the daughter of a Jew and a Christian, Ziv has worked with PHR-Israel for 14 years. She is responsible for guiding the mission of the organization and for managing a full-time staff of 17 and more than 1,500 members. She has led her team in campaigns to secure the right to health for many of Israel’s most underrepresented groups. PHR-Israel, among many other advocacy campaigns, helps Palestinians under siege in Gaza to gain access to health care, promotes the right to health for migrants living with HIV/AIDS in Israel without health insurance, and is at the forefront of a campaign pressuring the Israeli Health Ministry to provide health care for refugees and migrants seeking asylum in Israel from African conflict zones. For more information see www.colby.edu/oak.