Withdrawal from College, Leave of Absence, Transcripts

Withdrawal from College, Leave of Absence
Students who leave Colby while a semester is in progress are required to withdraw formally, as are students who leave at the end of a semester with no definite plans for return. Students who withdraw are not permitted to return without approval of the dean of students. Students who withdraw for medical reasons must have the permission of the College physician in order to apply for readmission. Eligibility for initial or continued financial assistance from the College will be subject to review and action by the College's Office of Student Financial Services. 

Students taking a leave of absence must notify the College by the date when course pre-registrations are due for the following term.

Students who leave to participate in College-approved student programs elsewhere, or who leave at the end of a semester for a specified period, may take a leave of absence and are not required to obtain special permission in order to return.

All withdrawals and leaves of absence must be effected officially by filing a form obtained from and signed by the dean of students. The proper exit procedure, which includes the surrendering of residence hall and post office keys, must be followed to be eligible for any refunds that may be due (see Refunds in the section titled Student Fees). A student who leaves without official notification is not eligible for refunds, which are calculated from the date the withdrawal is approved by the dean of students.

Transcripts are available from the Registrar's Office upon receipt of a signed request (mailed or faxed) of the student or former student. There is no charge for the transcript itself; fees will be assessed for special requests such as immediate delivery or transmission by overnight courier or fax. (Note that a transcript sent via fax is not official.) Transcripts will not be issued for anyone whose financial obligations to the College have not been met.