Courses of Study

Administrative Science
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Chair, Professor Leonard Reich
Professors Randy Nelson, Leonard Reich, and Douglas Terp; Visiting Associate Professor Brenda McAleer; Assistant Professor Linwood Downs; Visiting Assistant Professor Michael Dell’Olio

The program in administrative science is devoted to the study of organizations in American society. In today’s climate of intense domestic and international competition it is important to approach organizational problems with rigor, ethical responsibility, historical perspective, and imagination. Students wishing to explore management from a variety of perspectives may choose the administrative science minor.
Requirements for the Minor in Administrative Science
Administrative Science 212, 221, 311; Economics 133, 134; and two courses chosen from Economics 331, Mathematics 212 or 231, or other courses in administrative science.

Students intending to minor in administrative science should normally take Administrative Science 212 no later than their junior year.

Successful completion of the minor requires a 2.0 average for the courses used to satisfy the minor. None of the required courses may be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory