Courses of Study

January Program
[Courses for January 2010 will be available in October 2009.]

January Program options include courses for credit, independent study, internships, non-credit courses, and faculty-led courses abroad.

Selected courses offered in January may be used to fulfill the January Program requirement, which is described under “Academic Requirements.” A complete list of offerings is available through the “Curriculum Search” link on the registrar’s Web page in October, when students elect a course for the January term. Enrollment is limited to 30 or fewer students in nearly all courses. First-year students have priority in all noncredit and 100-level courses unless otherwise indicated.

A more complete description of the January Program with material about previous Jan Plan activities is online. An online list of Jan Plans is updated each year during the fall semester.

Most courses to be offered in January are described under the sponsoring academic department or program in this catalogue along with the regular semester offerings (a “j” following the course number indicates a January Program course). Some courses, however, are independent of any specific department and can be found by searching for “JP” courses in “Curriculum Search” on the registrar's Web site.

Examples of such Jan Plans offered in recent years include Introduction to Career Planning, Emergency Medical Technician Training, Furniture Making, Blacksmithing, Principles of Residential Design and Construction, Audio Technology and Recording, and Introduction to Figure Painting.