Early Admission
A small number of students are admitted without completing the senior year of secondary school. This is done only with the recommendation of the secondary school. Considerations of academic and personal maturity are important to the candidate and to the College in earlier-than-usual admission. An on-campus interview is strongly recommended for any early admission candidate.
First-Semester Abroad Admission
Each year more Colby juniors study off campus during the second semester than during the fall, and 35 to 40 spaces for incoming students usually become available at the beginning of the January term. A student who applies for admission in the fall semester may be offered admission for midyear. For these students, Colby offers two fall semester abroad options, which are described in the Opportunities to Study Abroad section. A student who participates in one of the College’s fall semester abroad programs enters Colby with a group of friends acquired through the program and with enough credits to progress toward the degree at the same pace as his or her classmates.