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Sabbaticals and Leaves 2011-2012

Sabbatical Leaves

Semester I
Marilyn Pukkila, Libraries
W. Herbert Wilson, Biology

Semester II
Natalie Harris, English
Valerie Reynolds, Geology
James Thurston, Theater and Dance

Full Year
Todd Borgerding, Music
Audrey Brunetaux, French and Italian
Jennifer Coane, Psychology
Rebecca Conry, Chemistry
Julie de Sherbinin, German and Russian
Frank Fekete, Biology
David Freidenreich, Religious Studies
Sarah Keller, English
Leo Livshits, Mathematics and Statistics
G. Calvin Mackenzie, Government
Margaret Menchen, Libraries
Véronique Plesch, Art
James Scott, Mathematics and Statistics
Winifred Tate, Anthropology
Stephanie Taylor, Computer Science
Robert Weisbrot, History

Other Scheduled Leaves

Semester I
Debra Barbezat, Economics
Paul Josephson, History
James Webb, History

Semester II
Chandra Bhimull, Anthropology

Full Year
Hideko Abe, East Asian Studies
Ariel Armony, Government
Allison Cooper, French and Italian
Elizabeth LaCouture, History and East Asian Studies
Jason Long, Economics
Carleen Mandolfo, Religious Studies
Maple Razsa, Global Studies