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A Cottage Guest Book Homer, Susan, ed. Galison New York, NY

Big Sky (Portrait by Katz of a man's face with the words "Big Sky" on his forehead)

Memoirs of a Businessman: G. Kingsley Ward (Katz's "Two Figures" on cover) Shinchosa

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1969 Freely Espousing (dust jacket only) Schuyler, James Paris Review Editions/ Doubleday Garden City, NY
1969 The Pleasures of Peace and Other Poems Koch, Kenneth Grove Press, Inc. New York, NY
1970 Interlocking Lives Koch, Kenneth Kulchur Press New York, NY
1971 Motor Disturbance (only dust jacket) Elmslie, Kenward Columbia University Press
New York, NY
1972 City Junket Elmslie, Kenward Adventures in Poetry/Boke Press New York, NY
1973 Phoebe Light Notley, Alice Big Sky Books Bolinas, CA
1977 Selected Declarations of Dependence Mathews, Harry Z Press Calais, VT
1978 Face of the Poet Various contributing poets Brooke Alexander, Inc. New York, NY
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1980 Rocky Ledge #5 Bye, Reed and Anne Waldman, ed. Reed Bye Boulder, CO
1980 When I was Alive Notley, Alice Faculty Press New York, NY
1981 Rich Rewards Adams, Alice Penguin Books New York, NY
1983 Give Me Tomorrow Ratcliff, Carter Vehicle Editions New York, NY
1983 The Poetry Project Newsletter Various The Poetry Project New York, NY
1984 Families and Survivors Adams, Alice Penguin Books New York, NY
1984 Listening to Billie Adams, Alice Penguin Books New York, NY
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1986 A Tremor in the Morning Katz,Vincent Peter Blum Edition New York, NY
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1987 Private Domain: An Autobiography (only dust jacket) Taylor, Paul Knopf New York, NY
1989 Art In Place: Fifteen Years of Acquisitions (dust jacket only) Armstrong, Tom and Susan Larsen Whitney Museum of American Art New York, NY
1989 Rovdjurskvinnan Rouart, Jean-Marie Forum Sweden
1990 New American Writing, Number 6 Hoover, Paul and Maxine Chernoff, ed. Oink! Press, Inc. Chicago, IL
1991 Flying Home Lurie, Morris Outback Press Australia
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1992 Japanese book with Katz painting of two people in canoe on cover
Taichi Yamada
1992 Japanese book with Katz's "Raft" on cover
Yoshio Kataoka
1992 Paare, Leidenschaft und lange Weile Welter-Enderlin, Rosmarie Piper Munchen, Germany
1993 Die Suche Nach Dem Verlorenen Sohn Butollo, Willi Piper Munchen, Germany
1998 Art and the American Experience (9/13/1998) Jan van der Marck Kalamazoo Institute of Arts (sponsored by First of America
1998 Women Writers at Work Plimpton, George, ed. Harvill Press London, England
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1999 Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin: Eine Nacht in New York Kammerling, Christian (author of interview) Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin Germany
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2000 kostbare nahrung fur den geist (From newspaper: Suddeutsche zeitung SZ Exra 6/14/2000) Lilli Winter Suddeutsche zeitung SZ Exra
2000 Only Connect...A History and Anthology of English Literature Spiazzi, Marina, et al. Zanichelli Bologna, Italy
2000 Steve 21 Sitta, Carlo Alberta, ed. Liberando Modena, Italy
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2001 Getting a Life Simpson, Helen Alfred A. Knopf New York, NY
2003 American Short Stories
Perfection Learning Corporation IOWA
2005 The Triumph of Painting Gingeras, Alison M.; Schwabsky, Barry Saatchi Gallery London
April 2004 BAMbill
BAM, 2004 Spring Season Brooklyn, NY
Fall 2003 Harvard Review
Houghton Library: Harvard College Cambridge, MA
February 2004 Publications Rome, Italy
Mar-Oct 2004 Very Styleguide New York
Very Styleguide New York, Vol. 4, Issue 8 New York, NY
2007 Arrivederci, Modernmismo a poem by
Carter Ratcliff. Cover illustration by Alex Katz.
Ratcliff, Carter. Libellum 2007 New York, NY