Donations to Causes
Date Cause Donation Title of Publication

Phoenix House "Head of Vincent," 1972 Prints for Phoenix House
4/7/1982 Smithsonian Institution: Archives of American Art Wide variety of works by Alex Katz under the title the "Alex Katz Papers" Letters, deeds of gift, and receipts for donations made
5/22/1991 Design Industries Foundation for AIDS "Sunny," 1991 Love Ball 2: The Crowning Glory
6/5/1991 A Benefit for AIDS "Sunny," 1991 The Crown Auction, Barneys New York
6/8/1993 AmFAR and various Italian AIDS charities "Ada Yellow," 1986 Drawing the Line Against AIDS
6/2/1994 Médecins du Monde "Portrait of Ada" 23 Artistes Pour Médecins du Monde
10/4/1995 Charity Art Exhibition- Auction for Victims of the Great Hanshin Earthquake Image of woman in white bridal gown, looking down, with arms behind back Letter of appreciation and certificate for participation in charity art exhibition-auction