Katz Miscellaneous Drawings and Prints
Item Description
Cutout of Alex Katz's signature; approximately 21" long, which necessitates that it be folded over loosely and placed on top of all the other materials in the archival box.
Alex Katz's original design for American Dance Festival poster; marker and graphite on transparent paper. Too large to lie flat in the box; must be losely folded over on itself.
Rough ink sketch of two figures in a boat on a folded piece of bright yellow paper. Paper is quite dirty.
Four rough sketches in red ink on a small piece of white paper. Paper has several yellow grease spots.
Black ink drawing of a moose on white paper. There are five Z's floating over the moose's antlers and one more on his nose. The right side of the paper is very crumpled and worn. May be cover design for Z Press, Calais, VT (see "Talk on Signs and Symbols" in "Articles Written by Katz binder).
Pencil sketch on transparent paper of the cover design for "The Pleasures of Peace and Other Poems" by Kenneth Koch. Pale green markings throughout the sketch; perhaps colored pencil.
Original illustrations for "Interlocking Lives"
Holy Holy Art Cards: Fancy Assorted Christmas Selection (one card features Alex Katz)
"Alex and Ada" Photograph by Rudy Burckhardt; part of the collection; acq. number 1994.021
Mock-up of printing process for a jacket illustration by Katz; three sheets of coated stock, picturing a row boat, attached to a sheet of illustration board