Item Date Source/Author Description
Photo of Tracy on the Raft at 7:30

Glossy photograph of Katz painting Tracy on the Raft at 7:30
Photograph of Blue Umbrella

Digital photograph printed on a piece of paper, showing a reflection of Katz's Blue Umbrella in a window
Image of an Alex Katz painting of� group of women in background of photo of visitor at Art Basel Miami
Departures Nov.- Dec. (handwritten annotation) "Culturewatch":Clipping from magazine with photo
Katz biographical and infomative document about Katz.
Sanford Schwartz A biographical description and informative document about and recounting Katz's life and artiistic endeavors.
book prospectus Poems by Bill Berkson, illustrated by Katz

Katz drawing of a woman in teardrop headdress on cardstock

School of Visual Arts lecture series Artists Talk on Art: "Aesthetic Realism: the Opposites in Art & Life" Katz's Cocktail Party illustrates blurb for Marcia Rackow's talk on work of Golub, Katz, Pearlstein
"Good Afternoon" by Alex Katz, 1974 silkscreen
Downeast Magazine( August 2006?) p. 16 Maine Print project article illustrated with Katz's "Good Afternoon"
Thanks Mr. Katz

From children at the Art House in Flower Mound, Texas /*7
School of Art at The Cooper Union (brochure)
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art brochure
A Bold New Era Begins at the Museum
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Member Magazine spring 2007

Image of Alex Katz Beach Towel
New York Times Style Magazine spring 2007 Katz image on page 98
Doors Open to New Chapter in Museum History
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Member Magazine, Fall 2007

"The American Idea" by Editors et al
The Atlantic
150th Anniversary Issue, November 2007
Alex Katz, "Vivien With Baseball Hat"
Upper East Side: Linger (Quietly) for a While
New York Times This article mentions Alex Katz. The full article is not available.
Merlin James lectures on Alex Katz 05/21/1996
Lecture announcement: Merlin James, Artist in Residence in the Printmaking Department will give a talk on the important American figurative painter Alex Katz
Alex Katz and Poetry 9/25/1996 Fax from Vivien Bittencourt Extensive list of book of poetry for which Katz has contributed artwork, poems which refer to Katz, etc.
Ice Storm look inspired by work of Katz 1/1/1997
Unidentified newspaper clipping with one sentence about Katz's work inspiring the look of the movie Ice Storm

12/1/1998 Winter Book Selection 1998 cover illustrated with books on Katz and others: unidentified source second page "Books for the Collector's Library" offers on two titles combined sale
Alex Katz's Literary Selections 1/1/1999 Carnegie International Artists' Reader Katz's selections: Frank O'Hara,"To the Harbormaster;" James Schuyler, "Buried at Springs;" Vincent Katz, "Expanse"
The Red Band 2/1/1999 Civilization Feb/March 1999 ad for Celebrity Cruises
Alex Katz, Painter 1/1/2002 New York Portraits (Barney's Clothing Catalog) Portrait photo of Alex Katz on page 7
Happy New Year 2002 card from I.V.A.M. 01/01/2002 Institut Valencia d'Art Modern, Spain New Year's card from I.V.A.M. featuring a list of artists in their museum, including Katz
Happy Birthday Demetrio 01/25/2002
Birthday invitation for Demetrio Paparoni in Milan
Alex Katz Communication 02/06/2002 The Cooper Union School of Art Evening Lecture Schedule for Alex, five consecutive Wednesdays from 6 - 7 pm
Erratum 10/1/2002 Flash Art articles Copies enclosed "with compliments" from Direction de la communication, Centre Pompidou
IVAM 12/1/2002 Institut Valencia d'Art Modern Season's greetings card with Katz's name included among its holdings
Alex Katz + Robert Storr: A Conversation 4/2/2003 University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts; Locks Foundation Distinguished Art Program Invitation to a presentation by Katz and Storr, followed by a reception; front of invitation features Katz's Black Brook V
Andy Warhol: Cosmos 4/25/2003 Jablonka Galerie, Cologne, Germany Poster advertising Andy Warhol's exhibition Cosmos; at the Jablonka Galerie
Griffelkunst 5/4/2003 German museum? Perhaps a program of events for a series of lectures or exhibitions in a German museum that includes Alex Katz?
Invoice for 'What about Style - Alex Katz film 5/21/2003 Alexandra Riegel, Coln, Germany Invoice for purchase of Alex Katz film

10/1/2003 Harvard Review no. 25 Fall 2003 Features illustrations of� Katz's " Impatiens" and "Landscape Portfolio" (in Creeley article? p. 170, 173.

10/3/2003 BAM 2003 Next Wave Festival postcard addressed to Katz
Intelligencer 10/20/2003 New York Metro Pictures of Alex Katz and others at his show at PaceWildenstein, New York
Guida a Mostre e Musei 12/1/2003 Guide to Galleries and Museums Dec. 2003-4 (Italy) Katz portrait of Iska, detail, on cover of guide
[Program of exhibitions] 1/1/2004 Sammlung Essl� 04/05 program Schedule of shows includes US Art� illustrated with image of Vincent and Vivien
Alex Katz 2/1/2004 VERYstyleguide New York issue #8 p. 44 has profile and photo of Katz.
Article: Best Friends 2/7/2004 Richmond Times-Dispatch, Section H: Arts and Entertainment An article that mentions Katz as a contemporary pop artist.
Alex Katz Cool and Hot 3/1/2004 ARTnews subscription card Cover of magazine is Katz painting; article titles include "Alex Katz Cool and Hot"
Alex Katz, The Sailor Hat, 2003 4/1/2004 BAMbill 2004 Spring Season Katz work on cover; index includes image and blurb on artist
Of Artists, Architects, and Patrons 4/17/2004 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts mailing VMFA Seminar (conversations with Lord Sainsbury, James Wines, and Alex Katz; flyer with repeated images of the three participants
I am the Walrus curated by Jan Avgikos 6/10/2004 Group Show at Cheim & Read Gallery Katz work included in show
Alex Katz 11/8/2004 Sotheby's (German) Lot 18 "Cecily (gray)" 2002 woodcut listed on� p. 35
Alez Katz Cartoons and Paintings: Press Clippings 12/17/2004 Albertina Museum, Vienna A collection of local newspaper & magazine clippings from 12/17/2004-2/20/2004, given to Katz by museum.
Image of Give Me Tomorrow 2005. Detail. 1/1/2005 United Technologies Advertisement Brochure. A detail of Katz's Give Me Tomorrow is used on the cover of an advertisement for United Technologies Company.
VMFA Seminar: Of Artists, Architects, and Patrons 3/17/2005 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts A brochure announcing a lecture about Alex Katz as an artist.
AFA ArtTalks: No. 9,� Alex Katz 4/13/2005 American Federation of the Arts A postcard announcing a presentation, discussion, and reception about Alex Katz and his work.
Alex Katz 4/13/2005 American Federation of Arts, AFA ArtTalks no. 9 Behind the Back Pass (study) illustrates postcard
Alex Katz in Maine 5/1/2005 Charta� artbooks list spring/summer 2005 Book cover illustrated and bibliographic information included
Award Dinner Invitation 5/17/2005 Art Resources Transfer, Inc. An invitation for an award dinner to honor Alex Katz and Elizabeth C. Baker.
Alex Katz Book Signing 8/17/2005 Farnsworth Art Museum Museum booksigning for Alex Katz in Maine
"Give Me Tomorrow" by Katz 9/1/2005 United Technologies United Technologies Corporation sponsors "Paint the City," newly commissioned works� Katz, Gary Hume, and Lisa Sanditz on display outdoors in SoHo
ad for Alex Katz at Monica de Cardenas Galleria 12/1/2005 Artforum International December 2005 Illustrated with reproduction of a Katz painting; also included are various other clippings in Italian from sources Intown Magzine, Urban? Vernissage, Exibart on Paper, Milano finanza)
Picture� and quote from Alex Katz 12/19/2005 New York Magazine "Party Lines" by Jada Yuan p. 20 "Why weren't you in Miami for Art Basel?"
ad for Alex Katz at Monica de Cardenas Galleria 1/1/2006 Flash Art January February 2006 Illustrated with reproduction of a Katz painting
Katz's "Orange Sunset 2" illustrates article 1/1/2006 Les Editions Beaux Arts: Maurice Denis 2006 p. 5 Serge Lemoin of the Musee d'Orsay talks about the exibit� "Maurice Denis, fondateur de notre regard contemporain" which includes Alex Katz's work.
Alex Katz� Christine Streuli (at) Monica de Cardenas, Milan 2/1/2006 Flash Art Febbraio Marzo 2006 p. 109 Alex Katz's Tiffany, 2003, illustrated with Gallery review by Alberto Mugnaini
Christy, oil on canvas, a new work by Alex Katz for Nuala/Puma 3/1/2006 W magazine March 2006 Volume 35, Issue 3 Announcement of charitable support and advertisement of collection by Christy Turlington and Puma; Illustration of painting, projection of� installation view in gallery
DVD containing Alex Katz profile 6/1/2006 Luce Foundation Center, Smithsonian American Art Museum June 2006, 3 minutes
"Alex Katz: The Sixties" 6/14/2006 The Leonard Lopate Show
WNYC broadcast
radio interview
Katz woodcut illustrated (Katz and Ada?) 8/1/2006 Go Magazine? Culture section p. 47, August 2006 "arts scene: Multiples Choice" exhibit announcement of Peter Blum Edition Archive, 1980-1994, at Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Alex Katz 10/1/2006 Barbara Flynn Gallery, Potts Point, Australia CD of images of banners photographed on street advertising Alex Katz show at Barbara Flynn Gallery, Potts Point, Australia
Sydney, Australia, installation of artworks printed on banners and hung on street banner poles 10/3/2006 Art & About Open Gallery City Street Banners page 20 Alex Katz (USA) 10 am;� with image of tree trunks. Included are images of the banners installed on the street.
Alex Katz and Robert Storr 11/9/2006 Public Program, no sponsor listed videotape of Public Program, 70 minutes
Katz painting on cover 2/1/2007 Art of the Times South Florida New York Los Angeles, February 2007 cover illustration is Katz painting (of Ada at Lincolnville beach?)
Artist Alex Katz 2/11/2007 CBS Sunday Morning Videotape of "Artist Alex Katz" on CBS Sunday Morning, February 11, 2007. Running time: 5:58.
"Domestic Bliss, At House With.Georgina Brandolini" 4/1/2007 House & Garden Katz image on page 37
Arts Desire Art and Wine auction 5/12/2007 Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis catalog
Alex Katz talk 6/4/2007 Public Art Fund Talks at the New School brochure of Spring 2007 art talks featuring� Alex Katz, Charles Ray, Lisa Yuskavage
Member Magazine 9/1/2007 Member Magazine Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Fall 2007 Back cover shows young visitor in front of Katz's Good Afternoon
Member Magazine 9/1/2007 Member Magazine Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Spring 2007 Page 5 shows Katz's Good Afternoon
Albertina Menu/Thank you 10/7/2007 Albertina Museum Alex Katz, "Jessica," 2007
Alex Katz. Vivien With Baseball Hat 11/1/2007 The Atlantic November 2007 Illustrates page 48
Bloomsbury Auctions
20th Century Prints
5/1/2008 New York Sun Alex and Ada...the complete set of 8 silkscreens advertisement
Letter to Katz from Andrea 8/22/2008 PaceWildenstein multiple pages, publicity concerning PaceWildenstein's new
Beijing gallery
Season's Greetings 2008 12/1/2008 Takada Gallery San Francisco

National Gallery of Art 2008 Annual Report 12/1/2008 National Gallery of Art Mention of Alex Katz in the President's forward, in the recent acquisition, and in an article about the acquisitions of paintings
J. Crew Spring Line 3/1/2009 J. Crew Photos of Alex Katz and his works with the spring line for J. Crew
Installation Shots 5/1/2009 Brandhorst Museum Photos of Alex Katz at Brandhorst Museum, Munich
Conversation with Alex and Vincent Katz 2/12/2010 Princeton University Institute for Advanced Study Flyer for a talk with Vincent and Alex Katz.