Past Exhibitions
Jean-Victor Bertin, A Classical Landscape with Figures Conversing Beneath a Tree

Jean-Victor Bertin

A Classical Landscape with Figures Conversing Beneath a Tree, 1825

Oil on canvas, 32 x 44 1/2 in. (81.3 x 113 cm)

Art department purchase with funds from the Jere Abbott Acquisitions Fund

Jean-Victor Bertin and Landscape Painting in France

October 22, 2013 - January 5, 2014


Curated by Michael A. Marlais, the James M. Gillespie Professor of Art

This exhibition contextualizes the Colby Museum’s recent acquisition of A Classical Landscape with Figures Conversing Beneath a Tree (1825), a neo-classical painting by Jean-Victor Bertin (1767–1842), offering a focused consideration of the French affinity for landscape painting from the Baroque period through the 19th century. Among the included works are Wooded Landscape by Gaspard Dughet (1615–1675), a painter who helped make landscape a signature of French identity, as well as Marcoussis by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Bertin’s most famous pupil. The exhibition also includes several loans from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


Alex Katz

Trees Against Blue Sky, 1956

Oil on masonite, 32 x 48 in.

Gift of the artist

Alex Katz: A Matter of Light

July 13, 2013 - September 15, 2013


Curated by Diana Tuite

Whatever the medium in which he works, artist Alex Katz endeavors to record his experience of optical sensations. Featuring an array of prints, drawings, and paintings from the permanent collection, this installation demonstrates Katz’s study of light and shadow and, especially, their relationships to flat color. In his depiction of windows ablaze within a dark façade, for example, or sunlight striking a figure's head and shoulders, Katz succeeds in rendering light with extraordinary materiality.

John Marin, Grain Elevators-Abstraction, 1917

John Marin

Grain Elevators, Abstraction, 1917

Etching on paper, 7 3/4 x 9 1/2 in.

Promised gift of Norma Marin

“A Thing Alive”: Modern Views from the Marin Collections

July 13, 2013 - September 29, 2013


Writing in 1913, John Marin declared, “a work of art is a thing alive.” He continued, “Thus the whole city is alive; buildings, people, are all alive; and the more they move me the more I feel them to be alive.”

Marin’s words guide this selection of works drawn from the John Marin Collection and the Norma B. Marin Photography Collection. The exhibition features Marin’s abstracted cityscapes and landscapes as well as photographs of urban and rural subjects by Berenice Abbott, Eugène Atget, Alfred Stieglitz, and others. Presenting exhilarating views of New York skyscrapers alongside delicate renderings of coastal Maine, A Thing Alive reflects on the bold changes that occurred in twentieth-century artistic representations of the natural and built environment.


The Alfond-Lunder Family Pavilion

Photo by Gary Green, 2013



Process & Place: Exploring the Design Evolution of the Alfond-Lunder Family Pavilion

July 13, 2013 - August 25, 2013


Prepared by Frederick Fisher and Partners, Process & Place explores the contextual, collaborative, and place-envisioning process by which the Los Angeles-based architecture firm arrived at the design of the Alfond-Lunder Family Pavilion, a newly completed, 26,000-square-foot addition to the Colby College Museum of Art. The exhibition consists of source imagery dedicated to the core concepts that guided the Pavilion’s development. It also includes a time-lapse video documenting the construction, renderings of the Museum’s master plan, and information on the Pavilion’s sustainable design strategies.


Chantal Joffe


Oil on board, 96 1/4 x 72 1/4 in.

Gift of The Alex Katz Foundation

Nowhere but Here: Art from the Alex Katz Foundation

July 13, 2013 - January 5, 2014


Nowhere but Here: Art from the Alex Katz Foundation, presents more than 40 modern and contemporary works given to the Colby College Museum of Art by the Alex Katz Foundation. Included in the exhibition are dynamic abstractions by Marsden Hartley, Arthur Dove, and Elizabeth Murray, which appear in the context of contemporary portraiture by Tanyth Berkeley, Ben Pier, Chantal Joffe, and Elizabeth Peyton, as well as a video by Dara Friedman.

Senior Art Exhibition 2013



Senior Art Exhibiiton

May 9, 2013 - May 26, 2013


The Annual Senior Art Exhibition brings together work by Colby seniors who have completed extensive work in their media. The 2013 Senior Exhibition will be held at Common Street Arts, 16 Common St., Waterville. For more information, see:

Jake Barton, Monica Davis, Lauren De Camilla, Lexi DeConti, Arran Dindorf, Pasquale Eckert, Sarah Fensore, Pete Gabranski, Molly Hodson, Cassie Huang, Nate Krump, Jessa Steinman

George Schneeman, Untitled (1) (The Future)

George Schneeman

Untitled (The Future), 2001

Collage on cardboard, 4 1/8 x 5 1/16 inches

Gift of Katie Schneeman

Rediscoveries 4: Comedy, Seriously

December 6, 2012 - March 30, 2013


Curated by Sarah Keller, Assistant Professor, English

The comic rarely exists without reference to something simultaneously more sedate. Diverse uses of comedy may throw into relief difficult ideas expressed through art: it can fixate on the grotesque, moderate the tragic, or playfully bathe somber themes in bathos. Rediscoveries 4 takes up Colby College's 2012-13 humanities theme, "Comedy, Seriously," to survey artworks that engage comedy and seriousness at once, exploring the nature of the ideas conveyed through their productive relationship.

The Rediscoveries exhibition series invites members from the Colby College community to select and arrange artwork from the permanent collection.