By default, you have to display a single month or week in Google calendar separately and print it – one at a time. However, if you are willing to do a little “fiddling” you can print multiple weeks or months.

1 Open your Google calendar page
2 Set your view to the view you would like printedIf you set this to “Week” you will print multiple weeks; if you set this to “Month” it will print by months.
3 Click the “Print” iconGoogle will display a print dialog box with the image of your calendar view in it. You are not going to print from this box, but you do need to capture the URL of the image being displayed.
4 Right-Click on the image of your calendarThis will display a pop-up menu.Click on “Copy Image Address” in the pop-up menu.
5 Open any text editor (Word will work) and paste what you have copied into it. This is a complex URL and should look something like this (without the red text):

You will need to edit the text in the URL marked in red. Don’t worry if this text “turns into” a link…just continue editing it.

6 Change the word “letter” to “a4”Change the dates to match the span you want printed:20100801%2F20101101 for example, will print the months between 8/01 and 11/01.

Your dates need to be formatted yyyymmdd%2Fyyyymmdd

Delete the “pft=png&rand=nnnnn

This changes the PNG (an image) output to PDF output

7 Copy this edited URL
8 Insert the edited URL into a browser windowThis will display the months or weeks you have selected as a PDF file.

You print or save it from the browser window.