Occasionally you may want to insert a page inside a document that has a different orientation. (Landscape or Portrait) This can be useful if you need to display a wide chart, table or graphic that would be “scrunched” if you attempted to display it on a regular page. This is easy to do in Word.

 1.  Position your cursor at the point where the NEXT page would be a different orientation
 2. Click on the “Page Layout” Tab 
 3. Click on the  “Breaks”  down-arrow to display the menu.
Click on “Next Page” under the “Section Breaks” listingThis will put your cursor at the top of a new page
 4. Now click on the “Orientation” icon on the same “Page Layout” tabSelect “Landscape”The page will change:

 5.  Hit at least one line break (Enter)Repeat the tasks in step 4 and select “Portrait”Your document will now have a Landscape page embedded between two Portrait pages.