Sometimes, you may want to place a picture or image in an exact location on the page and have text flow around it. Below are the steps to follow in order to exactly position an image on a page in WORD 2007.

Insert the picture as you normally would. If we inserted it below this line of text it would auto-place here: But what if we wanted it to appear in the middle of the page with text streaming around it on both sides?We could: There would be text above it…
and text below it.
Click on the image to select itThis would display the Picture Tools Formatting tab at the top of the Ribbon:
Click on the Picture Tools Format Tab, and then click on the Position icon.The positioning dialog will display. This shows the current selection at the top and other choices for positioning below it.In this example we will click on the middle selection to position the picture in the middle of the page with text flowing around it on all sides.
This creates a page like this:
You can view more detailed text wrapping options by clicking on the “More Layout Options” link.