Do you have a WORD document or report that you want to create a POWERPOINT presentation for? Did you know there is an easy way to import WORD into POWERPOINT? Here’s how:

Step 1

First make sure your WORD document is in order. You will need to:

  • Organize your content with headers
    • Head 1 content becomes Slide Titles
    • Head 2 content becomes first level bulleted lists
    • Here is a sample file:

Here is my first head 1

And there is some text under it.

Here is a head 2

With more text under that

This is my second head 1

With text.

And another head 2

  • Once you have your WORD document ready, save it and close it.

Step 2

Open PowerPointClick on the “New Slide” iconSelect “Slides from Outline”
 When the insert dialog box comes up, browse to your WORD file  
 Then click  “Insert”  
 Your outline will be populated into PowerPointNotice that the headings are the same color as in the WORD fileIf you want all black titles and bullets, you must first change the colors in your WORD document  
 If you had selected text in your document and changed it to a head 3,
this is the result you would  get:

Things to Note

  • Images do not come over
    You have to hand copy them
  • Content inside tables does not come over
    You will need to convert tables to text with headers if you want the content to convert automatically