What’s New

Google is introducing a new user interface for Google Calendar that is more user-friendly. Along with a modern color palette and updated design, the addition of many new features is worth looking forward to!


Easily create new events and add hyperlinks to your Calendar invites

  • Click on an empty space on your calendar or click on the “Add event button”Add to quickly create new events.
  • Link to relevant Google spreadsheets, documents or presentations in your Calendar invite and see all the event details in the new “Event Detail” view.

View and manage multiple calendars

  • Select your colleagues in the list and compare dates/times conveniently by seeing them side by side (to get started click “Day” view)



More View Options

  • See event invitation status. Read more under heading ‘Invitation status’ or click here.
  • Show or hide weekends when viewing your calendar.
  • View contact information of your meeting’s participants by simply hovering over their names in a Calendar invite.
  • View and restore deleted items in one place in case you accidentally delete a meeting invite. Click here for details.

Android and iOS mobile app

  • Drag & drop to reschedule events or reminders.


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