Whitney King teaches in the Schupf Lab

A new visualization wall was recently installed in the Schupf Scientific Computing Center. The wall can be configured to display an extended desktop of the instructor station or to show the instructor computer and a laptop side-by-side. Other layout options will soon include the ability to allow multiple students to wireless mirror their computer screens to the wall. The wall will also has touchscreen capability, allowing up to six touch points so that the instructor can touch the wall and manipulate the information as if using a mouse. This 4-by-2 array of monitors covers much of the front of the classroom, totaling 16′ x 4.5′ of screen real estate.

The visualization wall in the Schupf Lab is an ideal platform for faculty or students seeking a dynamic, large, and detailed representation of graphical content. Please contact Academic ITS for a consultation in how to integrate this room into your teaching.