Occasionally, there is the need to take a new video to publish into WordPress, Moodle, or any number of other platforms. Because many of these services offer limited storage space, it is better to host your video on a platform such as YouTube or Google Drive.  Follow these steps to embed a video from Google Drive.

Google Drive

  1. Navigate your browser to drive.google.com and log in using your Colby credentials.
  2. Drag-and-drop your file into the window or click “New > File Upload”. 
  3. The file will begin uploading. Videos can take a while to process for in-browser viewing. Longer videos can sometimes take a few hours.
  4. Double click to open the new video. If it’s been processed, you’ll see the video playing; otherwise, just wait a little longer.
  5. Click on the three-dot icon, click “Share,” and click “Advanced” in the window that appears. Change the sharing setting from “Private” to “On – Anyone with the link” or “On – Public on the web.”
  6. Click on the three-dot icon and then choose “Open in new window”. This is a critical step and can be easily overlooked, but will give us a new option. 
  7. In the new window, click on the three-dot icon and choose “Embed item”. 
  8. Copy the provided HTML embed code, and paste it into your platform of choice.