Panopto is a software solution which integrates lecture recording, screencasting, video streaming, in-video quizzing, and video content management.  Instead of using a myriad of video recording, editing, and hosting services, Panopto brings this under one platform.

For example, Panopto offers the ability to record a lecture which would show both the instructor (via a webcam) and Powerpoint slides or other course content in separate windows.  These videos can be edited if needed, and quiz questions can be added to further engage students.  The link can then be shared for students to view within the Panopto platform.

Colby is undergoing a trial of Panopto until the end of May, and we are encouraging users to try out this service.

Sign In

  1. Go to
  2. On the sign in page, you should see “Colby College” selected in a drop-down menu.  Click “Sign in”
  3. On the next page, sign in using your Colby credentials.
  4. You are now in your home page of Panopto, which should look something like this: 

Register as a Content Creator

If you are a faculty member or student who would like to create any type of content on Panopto, you will need to contact ITS first.  Please let us know that you are interested by filling out the form below.  If you don’t see it, please be sure you are logged into your Colby email (you may need to refresh this page); or, find the form here.

Navigate and Learn

  1. On the left navigation bar, you should see these options:
    1. Home — Your main page
    2. My Folder — Videos that you have created
    3. Shared with Me — Videos that someone else has sent to you
    4. Everything — All videos that you can see
    5. Browse — Directory-focused browsing
  2. Panopto comes with training videos, which are found on your home screen.  We recommend watching in the following order:
    1. Tour of the Video Library
    2. Getting Started: Record a Video
    3. Getting Started: Edit a Video
    4. Uploading Media Files
    5. Statistics and Analytics


This is a new type of service to Colby, and one which is in a trial mode.  Please be in communication with ITS to ask questions, get assistance, and give feedback.