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Hotec Wireless Headset Microphone system is designed for amplifying your voice through speakers or for recording on phones, cameras, or computers.









Note: ITS at Colby has preconfigured all settings for the wireless microphone systems in classrooms!


Getting Started

1). Turn on the classroom projection system using the touch control pad. 

extron touch control panel

default setting






The classroom projection system will start with the settings configured for the classroom computer. (In this example the classroom computer is a Mac.)







Once the system is on the Mic Mute indicator will blink blue on classroom touch control panel.

2). Plug the mic into the beltpack.

plug mic in

3). Turn on power on beltpack and receiver. The beltpack will display the frequency. The receiver will have blue lights indicating power, frequency, and charge level.

lights on rec

4). Plug receiver into 1/4″ jack on the media cabinet in the classroom.

5). Press the “Mute mic” button on the touch control panel. The headset is now live.

6). Adjust the volume on the beltpack by pressing left or right arrows.

Note: Select “Video Mute” on the touch control panel (under display) if you do not want video to project.

Turning Off the System

1). Press and hold the power button on the beltpack to turn off the beltpack.
2). Press the power button on the receiver to turn off the receiver.


1). Use the USB port on your computer with a USB cable to charge the wireless microphone system devices.