Moodle Accessibility checker

One of the tools available in the Moodle text editor is an automated accessibility checker that checks for common accessibility-related errors in the text. These are usually things in the way the text is constructed that can prevent all users from having equal access to information and functionality. The list of problems that the accessibility checker looks for is:

  • Images with missing or empty alt text
  • Contrast of font color and background color to meet WCAG AA guidelines
  • Long blocks of text are sufficiently broken up into headings
  • All tables require captions
  • Tables should not contain merged cells as they are difficult to navigate with screen readers
  • All tables should contain row or column headers

Moodle Screenreader helper

Screenreaders treat a content editable region like a text box – which is an issue for users because the region may contain images, links, and more. The Moodle screenreader helper provides additional information about the currently selected text (e.g. is it bold), as well as a listing of any images or links in the text.

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Using the Accessibility checker and Screenreader helper:

1. Open any activity or resource that has a text editor

2. Click on the Expand icon, a new row of icons will appear

expand icon







3. Click the Accessibility checker or Screenreader helper icon


4. Follow prompts as directed