Explore key research and best practices for achieving greater happiness at work in this audio-only course.
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How to Have a Happier Workweek

Why this Course?

Many employees are experiencing burnout due to the pandemic. This course will help us find more happiness to boost our motivation and creativity.

Course Description

An intentional focus on employee happiness can offer a slew of benefits. People who enjoy their work are not only more productive but also more creative. A happier work environment often results in higher retention rates, as satisfied employees are less likely to leave. Nic Marks shares practices that can help you cultivate a more enjoyable work environment by connecting with and inspiring others, empowering your team, cultivating more opportunities, and creating a system that treats everyone fairly. Along the way, get tips for clearly drawing boundaries between work and life, as well as how to boost motivation and engagement in just a few minutes.


About the Author

Peter Mockaitis – Career development podcast host

Total Course Time

24 minutes

Thoughtful Prompts

·       How do you create boundaries between work and life?

·       Are there any new rituals or routines you want to implement?

·       What is one fun thing you can do for yourself or your team this week?

Skills Developed

Work-Life Balance, Team Leadership, Wellness

Key Takeaways

·       Better work-life balance

·       Find more happiness at work

·       Openness within teams