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December is a month filled with holiday events, shorter days, and traveling. On the National Day Calendar, it is the month for International Disabilities Day and National Stretching Day, just to name a couple!

Here are a few courses for you to enjoy during this month:

National Calendar Day

Supporting Workers with Disabilities

Traveling Sky Yogi


Storytelling for Leaders

Dealing with Microaggressions

Mastering Presentations for Non-Native English Speakers

Six Skills of the Proactive Professional

For Fun!

Essential French

Photography Foundations: Mobile Photography

Painting Foundations: Acrylic


Mindfulness at Work

How to Manage Overwhelm

Staying Positive in the Face of Negativity



Make it through the holidays, healthier. Try these 10 tips!
De-Stress at Your Desk (EAP Wellcast)

Winter Budgeting Series from Burnalong!

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