The matrix below shows a side by side comparison of Hangouts Meet and Zoom. Hangouts Meet is recommended unless you need the breakout room feature of Zoom for meetings lasting over 40 minutes with multiple remote users and/or plan to include students in China in multipoint synchronous communication. We need to prioritize our pool of Zoom Pro licenses for these criteria.

Google has made the advanced version of Hangouts Meet available to G-Suite customers for free until July 1, 2020. In its favor is the fact that it runs in any popular web browser and does not require a installation of a client application (which can trip people up sometimes) and it can record video directly to Google Drive.

Zoom is capable of temporarily splitting meetings into breakout rooms for seperate group discussions. 

FeatureHangouts MeetZoom Pro (license must be requested)Zoom Basic (free)
Maximum meeting size250 people300 people100 people
Meeting durationIndefiniteIndefinite• Indefinite 1:1 meetings
Meetings with 3 or more participants timeout after 40 minutes
Recording capabilityYes, directly to Google DriveYes, to local computerYes, to local computer
Share computer screen into meetingYesYesYes
Dial-in by phoneYesYesYes
Breakout rooms (temporarily split meetings into separate discussion sections)NoYesYes
Works between US and ChinaNoYes, currently (international restrictions)Yes, currently (international restrictions)
Key integrationsGoogle CalendarGoogle Calendar (with Chrome browser extension)Google Calendar (with Chrome browser extension)
Mobile apps (Android & iOS)YesYesYes
Required software on laptop/desktopRun in any popular web browserClient applicationClient application