How to:

Create Your First Notebook

When you first open GoodNotes, you will be presented with an empty library. The library lets you manage your notebooks visually. To create your first notebook,

  1. Tap the + button on the toolbar.
  2. Tap Create Notebook.



After you have opened the notebook, a toolbar will be shown above the page. The function of each button is illustrated below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.29.39 AM

Add Handwriting

The default tool selected is the pen tool, which will probably be the tool you will use the most.

  1. Use one of your fingers to write something on the page.

Color and Thickness Settings

  1. Tap the pen button on the toolbar.
  2. Tap the color or thickness you would like to use in the popup window.


Add Text Boxes and Images


  1. Long press anywhere on a page to open the long press menu.
  2. Tap Image or Text.
  3. Tap outside the image or the text box to finish.


To edit existing text boxes or images, tap and hold on it and then tap Edit.

Rotate Images

You can rotate images using a two fingers rotate gesture.


Lasso Tool

Move Things Around

  1. Tap the lasso button on the toolbar.
  2. Circle the objects you want to move.
  3. Drag the selection to the place you want.
  4. Tap outside the selection to finish.

Copy and Paste

To copy selected objects, tap on the selection and then tap Copy. Then tap and hold where you want to paste them, and then tap Paste.


Scrolling and Turning Pages

Use two fingers to scroll; swipe left or right to turn to next or previous page. In read-only mode, use only one finger.


To view more information about its Features, visit here. Click here to visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

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