Click any of the products below for a more detailed description of their features. You will also find links to tips, cheat sheets, video walk-throughs, and full online courses covering the Google Suites products that are included in Colby’s Google Apps package.




Features of Gmail

Send emails from any device

Create custom filters for organization

Add events to Google Calendar from your Inbox



Features of Google Calendar

Schedule events

Create reminders

Share & view calendars with others

Customize your calendar




Features of Google Docs

Create, import, edit, and format documents

Share and collaborate with others

Print and download documents



Try out these Advanced Features


Features of Google Sheets:

Import and create spreadsheets

Add content and data

Apply formatting and create charts

Share and collaborate with others



Features of Google Slides:

Create and import presentations

Share and collaborate with others

Add content, comments, and speaker notes

Present, print, and download


Colby Templates and Graphic Identity

Link to Colby Templates HERE

Link to Colby graphic identity website HERE

Colby PP Template

Colby PP Template for Reunion 2016

Drive and Team Drive

 Features of Google Drive:

Upload and create documents

Work with files

Share and collaborate with others

Access from any device


Want to collaborate and share files with your team? Set up a Team Drive!


Features of Google Classroom:

Post announcements

Accept assignments online

Post questions to be used as a poll or to start a discussion

Upload course materials


Accessing Classroom

To access resources offered through Classroom, use the login button below and authenticate with your Colby username and password.

Log in

About Classroom

Classroom is an education App from Google that makes it easy for instructors to grade and leave feedback on assignments without having to download or print out any documents. Here are 3 short tutorials to help get you started:


An iOS app and an Android app for Classroom are now available. These apps could be particularly useful for responding to questions during a class.



Features of Google Forms:

Create a form or quiz

Choose settings and preview

Send your form or quiz

Analyze or grade responses



Hangouts and Chat

Features of Google Hangouts

Start chats or video calls

Join video calls

Share your screen and add more people

Create direct messages and rooms




Features of Google Keep

Create and edit notes

Organize, find, and share notes

Set reminders

Archive and delete notes


Features of Google Analytics

Implement tracking code

Analyze and share reports

Measure business objectives

Set up goals and campaign tracking



Features of Google Contacts

Create contacts and contact groups

Email contacts and contact groups

Organize contacts




Features of Google Tasks

Create tasks and lists

Organize and update tasks

Complete tasks

Share task lists