PART ONE-Downloading student files

1.Click on the assignment name on the Moodle course homepage to access the assignment summary page

2.Click View/grade all submissions

PART TWO-Working with downloaded student files

1.Extract the zip folder offline and add your comments to the student’s submissions. Keep the names the same.

2.Select the students’ submissions and zip them into a new folder. Important: Don’t just edit them inside their original folder and re-zip this; it will not work. The folder name does not matter as long as the feedback files have the same names as before.

PART THREE–Uploading files

1.Click Choose a file… and upload the newly zipped folder with the zipped assignments file to Moodle, or drag the compressed/zipped file to the arrow and wait for the file name to appear in the box

Note: You will be presented with a confirmation screen displaying your feedback files. (If you zip files from a Mac, make sure to remove the folder _MACOSX)

2.Click Import feedback file(s)

3.The Confirmation box will list all the feedback files and student names that will be imported

4.Click Confirm; the next screen summarizes the changes

5.Click Continue

More details on the Moodle Documentation site.